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    Default Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    Prompted by the likes of scentemental and Pluran to try the women's version of this fragrance, I was impressed enough to decide to purchase some for myself. I prefer the EDP version to the EDT, and note that this comes in a 30 ml spray. My question is - is the container a smaller version of the 50ml EDP spray - ie the solid red container with the round 'window'? If so, is it refillable?

    Many thanks if anyone can help.

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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?


    Glad to see you took the plunge and that you prefer the EDP as I do.

    I have never seen the refill in anything else but 50ml, but that should not be taken as the definitive answer. Perhaps some of our fellow women Basenoters might be able to definitively answer your question. Either way, 30 ml or 50ml should last you a long time.

    Enjoy this paragon.

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    Well i have had confusions with this one as well. I think ive seen some bottles on ebay being sold as EDP when they are not the red bottle but just a transparent bottle with a red cap. I did email a seller once to confirm if it was indeed the edp...she affirmed that it couldnt have been a refill too coz it had this red cap..but the red container indeed is the edp..and ive seen small oval red containers...prob those could be 1oz edp..refillable or not..cant say..but please enlighten me..does women opium edp come in transparent bottles as well with a red cap?


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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    Semi-OT: Does the refill come with a spray of it's own?
    More clearly: can one buy the refill right away or is a purchase of the container required?

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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    I got my mother the edp. I got curious to see what the actual bottle looked like, so I pulled on the top (gold part). Did'nt budge and besides I did'nt want to break it, so I push up where the little window is while pulling on the top and presto! came out. Look's better without the tacky "shell". I did'nt know it was supposed to be refillable, like the men's edp? It sure takes more force to get the bottle out of the women's, than it does the men's. I wonder how many women are pissed off at getting broken fingernails from trying remove the bottle?


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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    In the Douglas (BIG perfumery chain) website they list Opium EdP in 30ml and 50ml, but have no refills. For Opium pour Homme there are refills. Is the female Opium EdP actually refillable? It probably takes a lot of wearings to actually use up one bottle of that...

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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    The Opium EDP used to be refilliable. They redesigned the bottles about two years ago now the 50 mL eau de parfum is a non-refillable in a red bottle. Both the bottles and the outer carton were redesigned and modernized.

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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    I'm going to have to pony up and get a bottle of this stuff.

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    Default Re: Opuim EDP Spray - packaging?

    Thanks to all of you for the responses so far. As I understand it, the EDP version comes in the solid bottle where as the EDT has a clear glass bottle - ie same as the men's.

    The men's EDP is definitely refillable - the bottom comes off by releasing a clip and the inner glass bottle can be removed that way. Refills can be bought separately but don't include the cap, which is part of the original refillable bottle. I suspect that clear bottles of the women's scent with caps are EDT bottles, not refills.

    On reflection I would not be too bothered about whether the women's EDP is refillable because, as scentemental says, it will last long enough anyway. I just need to find out whether the 30ml EDP I saw advertised is just that.

    I will try a post on the women's forum to see if anyone else can help further.
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