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    Default Patience.. a virtue?

    Lately.. I've been notcing that the evolution of fragrances from their top to basenotes can be quite a long process. I was wondering which fragrances you have to wait for..(a long time) before they actually hit their stride...

    For example.. Heritage smells horrible on me..for the first half hour, but if I can hang in... it develops very smooth and powdery and is one of my favorites..

    another example is the Dreamer.. another fragrance where I have to wait out the topnotes to enjoy a truly splendid drydown..

    Acier Aluminium is another that comes to mind.

    Which fragrances do you find it "annoying" to wait for... but you find are ultimately worth the patience?


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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    Paloma Picasso Minotaure is one. It is annoyingly tart at the top but evolves into a very rich, sweeter middle and base.

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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    Definitely Ambre Sultan ...

    also, L'Artisan's Amber Extreme comes to mind. Not as long a wait as Ambre Sultan though.

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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    M7, Acier Aluminium, B*men, Body Kouros and The Dreamer -- all five just awful at first, but all then wonderful 'til the end.

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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    Gucci PH

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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    Another few that come to mind are:

    Ted Lapidus TL Lui, Casual Friday, Must de Cartier...

    I find that a lot of fragrances open very synthetically.. and harshly and it oftens seems that some of the "stability" notes take awhile to surface. In my experience.. it's often the woods that start to creep in and balance things out. As an impatient person, I wonder how many scents I've disregarded without giving them ample time to shine through...

    When I am often in a rush, its really hard to wait out a fragrance... but I suppose that's a symptom of our "fast-paced" North American culture..

    Even though I can appreciate the complex development of a fragrance, ometimes it's just nice to get the "goods" right away.. ie, Bulgari Black, Le Male..

    Mmmm, the Heritage is smelling better and better every minute...


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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

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    Default Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    My beloved friend Jicky (EdP).

    I can´t stand the initial blast of civet and have to wait about half an hour until the civet becomes more discreet and blends perfectly into the other notes. Then it´s heaven.
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    Post Re: Patience.. a virtue?

    Several Villoresis, Piper Nigrum, Musk and Sandalo atleast.

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