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    Default Cologne to where to an interview

    Im new to cologne so i only have a few frags. Pi , Envy, and the dreamer. I would assume that dreamer would be my best bet.

    And if you want just tell me of some others that would be good for an interview.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Those three seem very sweet to me, a bit much for an interview. Concerning suggestions, a search for the term "interview" in the topic headlines will yield you at least four threads covering this issue.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Of the three.. I would suggest the Dreamer, but go easy on the trigger and apply long before the interview.

    All fragrances have notes that can be perceived as cloying in excess.. the Dreamer's Tobbacco/floral blend... Pi's vanillic attack and Envy's sticky sweet sex appeal.

    In terms of a nice "safe" fragrance for an interview (many rec. not wearing anything, but I can't bring myself to do so!)... I would suggest the following.

    Bulgari PH - pleasant, stays close to the skin
    Burberry Brit - very well balanced sweet man-powder fragrance
    Paco Rabanne's XS or Creed's Himalaya depending on what's within your range
    Dior Homme: very classy iris blend, also wear sparingly
    Mugler Cologne: nice soapy fresh fragrance
    Gendarme: the smell of laundry detergent and freshly pressed shirts
    Chrome: metallic quasi aquatic fragrance.. a better take on CK One
    Guerlain Heritage: For something a little more formal..
    Terre D'hermes: such a gorgeous citric woodsy mineral blend...
    Helmut Lang's Cuiron: a soft leather plum blend that has a sexy feel to it
    L'eau Par Kenzo: Lemon/watery.... slight vanillic base. Very inoffensive and light.

    hope these help!


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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Conventional wisdom, perhaps not on Basenotes, but at least in my chosen field, is that it's safest to wear none at all. I did wear a tiny bit of Green Irish Tweed to my interviews this fall and managed to land a job anyway. I figured it's a nice clean scent and doesn't overwhelm--especially in moderation.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    IMO, it depens on what kind of job you're applying for. If it's one of the so called boring office based jobs e.g. a customer service/call centre, office clerk in a bank etc, I'd suggest wear something more formal and inoffensive - GIT, Baldessarini type of thing and go easy on the trigger. If it's a creative job and environment you could put on something quirkier, more avantgarde like Dzing!, Messe de Minuit or even bathe in Muscs Koublaï Khän

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Do not wear anything to an interview, there is always a chance that the person giving the interview is allergic to or just does not like whatever you put on. This is on almost every list of things not to do before an interview.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    As a former HR employee I can attest that "yes".. the experts say not to wear fragrance but I can honestly say that I've never denied anyone a position based on their choice of cologne. My own interest in fragrance might have influenced this viewpoint.. but generally speaking, if someone is articulate, well versed, professional looking and has the qualifications that fit the job.. I would never turn them away based on a bad choice of frag. Nor would I turn them away if they wore a tie sporting a colour scheme that clashed with my own personal tastes..

    If someone has an alergy to the fragrance it's another thing altogether. That being said, I would imagine that people with strict fragrance allergies are most likely used to being bothered by external stimuli and would not hold it against the applicant. (unless it's a policy that has previously been stated).

    If anything, in my own experience.. a nice fragrance boosts my own confidence and helps me project better in the interview at hand. If I look nice, smell nice..I feel nice and as a reflects how I'm received by the other person....

    Others may object... but in my opinion.. I don't buy into the whole "no frag to an interview" idea.. and I live in Ottawa, Canada!


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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    no sounds like the way to go. thank you.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Wear are you going to where it?

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    I've been known to splash on a little Mugler Cologne or Clinique Happy before an interview. I just can't go scentless! But now next time I go for an interview I think I'll just stick w/ a scented shower gel in my morning shower.

    I actually have The Dreamer shower gel & LOVE IT!!!!
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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    I think yours are too sweet.

    I would wear Incanto PH, Channel PH or Boucheron PH.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    I'd say go for nothing, if you absolutely have to, then use something that is the kind of thing that nobody could find offensive if applied lightly and is fresh, ie. Davidoff Echo is one of the best I can think of.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    I second the post that suggested The Dreamer JUDICIOUSLY APPLIED.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Little to no fragrance is best.

    Gendarme is good. Heads of state wear it. For whatever that's worth.
    Gucci PH is good. Lightly. Strictly business.
    Chrome might be good. Unoffensive.

    Probably Pi, since you have it. One or two sprays, max.

    I wouldn't buy a frag for an interview. Maybe pick something up after you get the job, as a celebratory move.

    It really depends on "where" the interview is.

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    Default Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    No, no. Nay to any scent at an interview.

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