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    Default Overseas ordering from European stores

    Has anyone from North America ordered from a European store?
    • How fast and costly was the shipping ?
    • Extra charges ?
    • What are the best stores ?

    I now know that buying/swapping from European Basenotes members is great, so no questions there

    Seasons Greetings

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    Default Re: Overseas ordering from European stores

    Apparantly, though don't quote me on it, I've read some threads on here to the effect that recently it's a rediculous pain to order fragrances from abroad into Canada because colognes are flammable and it's illegal to send them by mail.

    It's hit or miss. Sometimes it'll get through, but if they check it, you're liable to run into problems. I've seen stuff advertised on Ebay from Europe, shipping is quite expensive though, for one bottle the rate way around 14.99 US for shipping - and not express shipping either.

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    Default Re: Overseas ordering from European stores

    I ordered some samples from Trumpers. They came fine.

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