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    Default Green tea perfume oil?

    Is there anywhere I can get green tea perfume oil for blending into a jojoba oil or alcohol base? I live in Sweden so preferably online and ideally in Europe. Im about to create a fragrance with many notes but green tea being one of the more prominent. Any tips on purchase possibilities will gladly be accepted.

    Regards /Tobbe

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    Default Re: Green tea perfume oil?

    Jalaine has a lovely, very expensive green tea oil, but it's not 'plain.' Worth a sample, though..

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    Default Re: Green tea perfume oil?

    Thanks for the tip. It sounds worthy of a closer investigation. Not plain? Do you mean that there is some jasmine and so on in there or that it is partly chemical?


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    Default Re: Green tea perfume oil?

    I believe Jalaine's oils are all natural; somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

    I meant that it isn't a 'pure' green tea to my nose - smells like it's full of citrus, at least in the topnotes.

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