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    Exclamation Mazzolari Lui edt

    This is wonderful stuff. I got a 1/32 vial sample from along with 3 others. It is the star of the lot.

    (from the Luckyscent website)

    Eau de Toilette
    by Mazzolari

    the scoop
    Potent and virile, Lui is the fragrance of a refined man with a wild streak a mile wide. Rich with patchouli, vetiver and leather, this is a complex and unguarded scent, completely comfortable on the skin yet smokin’ hot underneath. Hints of sandalwood tame the wild animal, while a dark amber and rich musk enhance the raw sensuality of Lui. Raw and elegant at the same time, Lui is an uninhibited fragrance for a man who likes to keep everyone guessing…and just a little on the edge.

    Lui notes
    Sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, ambergris, vetiver, spices

    From me..I applied this at 9 am (stupid glass vial, no spray) and it's after 6 and it's still there, warm, handsome, but it's $155 a bottle.

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    This is great stuff. I bought myself a bottle for my birthday a couple of months ago. A little goes a long way, two sprays is enough for me. The first day I used four...much to much for in my opinion. A friend asked if I was wearing " oil ". The Patchouli is very strong, but in a good way. Body heat also kicks it up a notch or two.


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    This one has to be one of my all-time favourite scents. It may be because I've received more compliments on it than any other, but it's good in it's own right.

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    It's one of my favourites from the Mazzolari line too.
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    Pantaloon-bursting potency. It's as if someone poured together Cravache (patchouli power), Yatagan (herbal spice explosion) and Musc Ravageur (sweet musk) and for some strange reason the end result didn't explode in his face. Instead, on application, he turned into the HULK. I keep this bottle behind three-inch steel. It vibrates
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    I know-- the Lui is good. I prefer it over Allesandro. I found the Allesandro had too much of an Almond notes that I did not particularly care for.
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