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    frangipane another SMW sensation

    and I hear that gianfranco ferre has been known to wear it. . .

    online I look up frangipane it is said to be a mixture of almonds and pistachios.
    yet the villoresi frangipane room spray is pretty heavy floralosity

    frangipane of SMW is . . . cool, something a bit xmas-y about it, a bit of listerine in this part of the country, I think....! definitely a cool scent, but just a hairsbreadth of that cutting edge of mentholacity. it's got a bit of piper negrumness only imagine yourself in the lobby of the endo wing of the medical building rather than deep down in the dentist's chair.

    it does not smell like heliotrope or "cherry almond" (almond extract). And it doesn't remind me of pistachios. Actually I think I do get a little of the almond paste of an almond tart of the kind you used to be able to get at every patisserie in Paris, but they kind of seem to skip over them these days. which, now that I think of it, were always topped with sprinklings of pistachio meat!

    it has a nice bite but seems quite natural, organic and iayers well with opoponax and cuba (yes, all three together!!) although be warned it does result in a wee bit of the dread pee note.
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    I guess I'm missing something..who's SMW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermarky
    online I look up frangipane it is said to be a mixture of almonds and pistachios.
    yet the villoresi frangipane room spray is pretty heavy floralosity
    Frangipane is an Australian flowering shrub — found in many gardens here.

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    oops! smn smn it's easy to confuse with smw

    santa maria novella

    oh really well a shrub makes more sense but in cookery it's supposed to be almond pistachio paste, according to google top hits, should have looked lower on the list I guess!

    thanks for the clarification. . . !!!

    also I might be wrong about pee note it might be from some ceder stuff I tried earlier in the day (heeley, I stopped at the scent bar!)

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    Here in Hawaii, frangipane is generally known as Plumeria.
    Goutal's SONGES was supposedly inspired by an evening inhaling the beauty of a Plumeria grove. In my experience, it comes pretty close to the mark!

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    Thanks for the info on this fragrance.

    I have a bottle of the now discontinued Mahora from Guerlain and that has a wonderful frangipan note in it.
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    In bakery, frangipane is a mixture of ground almonds, sugar, and eggs often baked as a base for fruit in fruit tarts. The name comes from the Latin "panem frangere," to break bread.

    The flowers and their scent, if memory serves, are named for an Italian nobleman whose name was Frangipani. (Yes, just looked it up: see Nigel Groom, The Perfume Handbook, Chapman & Hall, London: 1992, a very useful source of arcane information about perfumery.)

    Funny how different things end up with similar names, eh?

    BTW, neroli, the orange flower scent, was named for the Prince Neroli, "whose wife scented her bath and gloves with it in the 16th century." (Same source, p.159.)
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