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    Default Re: Do we stink for the "outside"world?

    Quote Originally Posted by the_good_life
    What a delightful thread. We don't just smell good around here, we're incredibly intelligent (snobsnob).

    About the postmodernist problem. My take is: just because there isn't one singular truth, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of lies. Yes truths are conventions, but that does not mean they are arbitrary. The key is that they are intersubjective, i.e. a community of discutants researches, negotiates, comes to tentative conclusions which remain subject to constant questioning and revision. There will always be major field of consensus that establish relatively firm truths which come to be generally accepted (many Lutens perfumes are masterful creations - even those who don't like the frags would likely agree) as well as disagreements (Creed?). While anyone has the democratic right to any opinion ("Aspen Discovery is much better than Creed's Epicea) the weight that opinion carries will depend on whether the argument is presented within argumentative parameters the community has agreed upon. (To take a genuine & quite serious example from my work: any historian would seriously consider the thesis that the holocaust never ocurred IF any one holocaust denier EVER presented ANY form of evidence convincing according to the standards of scholarly historiography. But holocaust deniers cannot do this, because the evidence that it DID happen is simply too overwhelming to be countervailed. David Irving was doing unacceptably bad history when he argued differently from shoddy, easily refutable pieces of "evidence"). While perfume is an imminently more trivial affair, the issue is epistemologically the same. Your value judgement is subject to the criteria of the community you utter it in. And while the Aspen argument might work on yer high school buds, it would be effectively dismantled by the expertise of the present community. Which doesn't mean that the basenotes community in 2080 won't conclude that we really had it all wrong back in 2006, 'cos looking backward, those ozonic aquatics were really brilliant and how couldn't we recognize that at the time
    I'm amazed how the original subject of this thread could evolve in all this deep thinking and explaining about "community behaviour" of human beings in general with wonderfull history facts and all. But all this wonderfull use of english grammar is rising above the borders of my intelligence level , so hard I hear my brains cracking.

    Yet, the last part of Goodlifes post maybe explaines it , our taste changes over time and snobs ( or connaiseurs) will always excist. And... there will always be people who tell us they don't like the way we smell.
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    Default The way I see it.

    I didn't have a real interest in fragrances except for my four I had at the time until I went to a friends house. He had about fifteen different fragrances, and I was AMAZED. Each scent was so unique and new, I was baffled at how I couldn't have noticed this wonderful world of fragrance before. Three years later, I realize that he had very mainstream scents, but to me at the time, they were gold. His Nautica, Bod, Abercrombie and Hollister were foreign to me, so they were unique. Now that I now a thing (or two), its different.
    Yes, I am a snob. I have a bottle of Hugo Boss (Which I wear rarely, despite how many compliments I get), and Domain by Mary Kay. I was furious when I found out Domain is almost an exact copy, and don't like it at all, but my friends think its golden. It really is a pleasant scent, but once you've heard "Last Resort" by Papa Roach, and all of its variants, the new variants get really boring. So, yes I am a snob, and I won't change, because I've now seen the light.

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