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    Default Where to buy testers

    I'll be going to the US shortly and would like to pick up some fragrances cheaply if possible. People on Basenotes refer to discounted testers. Where do you buy these, Americans? In department stores? In a dusty warehouse on the outskirts of town? Do you have to ask for them or are they on the shelves? I'll be in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, Texas, by the way.
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    Default Re: Where to buy testers

    There are five places to get testers: Basenotes, eBay, internet sellers, and retail stores like Perfumania or flea market kiosks like Scentiments.

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    Default Re: Where to buy testers

    You are unlikely to find them in malls or fancy retail establishments. Your best bet for buying them in a real store (As oppose to online at a place like the excellent is in a small, independently-owned shop (it may hep to ask if they sell any testers) or at a place like Perfumania (which will be found in an Outlet Center, which is where mall stores unload the merchandise that doesn't sell in their real stores)

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    Smile Re: Where to buy testers

    I don't know many actual stores that sell testers (other than online sources like the mentioned However you can sometimes find some great deals on fragrances at places such as:

    TJ Maxx
    Burlington Coat Factory

    These places sell alot of "last years" merchandise, closeouts, discontinued items, etc. The selection and prices tend to vary a great deal by location and the given day. The Marshalls in my town (I live about 1.5 hours South of San Antonio) tends to have the best selection of them but again, it's a bit unpredictable what you can expect to find.

    Texas (Austin especially!) is a nice place to visit - I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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    Default Re: Where to buy testers

    while we are at it..i thought i can use some help too guys.... i'm in nyc and is there any particular store where i can get creed perfumes for cheap? i've read the nyc fragrance shopping thread and found out which area i should go but i was not sure if i can find creed there. does anybody of you know any particular seller in that area where they sell fragrances for wholesale and retail?


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    Default Re: Where to buy testers

    eBay is the way to go

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