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Thread: Wedding wear!?

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    Default Wedding wear!?

    Hello all!

    Im getting married in six months and my wife to be and I are in the middle of a fun and interesting discussion about what I should wear to the wedding.
    I just figured it would be fun to hear about what those of you who are married wore on the big day. For those unmarried; what do you think would be a great outfit? Think it would be fun to get a chance to hear opinions from all over the world. The month of May here in Sweden can be rainy-gray or 25 Celcius and sunny. The wedding is in a church 4pm, about 60 guests. So I guess daytime wear is out of the question. The dress code for guests is suit.
    What type of outfit would YOU wear?
    What colors are OK for a wedding to YOU, including shoes an tie or likewise?

    Give me views from own or observed success or total failure or links to other discussions about this perhaps. Thank you for reading!


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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    What fun!
    I personally feel that no man, no matter who he is, should wear a tux. It's just too much.
    My suggestion is, if you have the means, to invest in a really top notch suit. The colour could be almost anything except white, off-white, beige (too beach wedding/casual) or black (too funereal). It mustn't be too bright, or gaudy; we're going for class, right? I prefer black for the shoes, because brown seems more casual to me. As for your tie, pick a special one, one that you love, and incorporate your wedding colours into it. This is not to say that if the colour is baby blue, you should sport a baby blue tie. But a subtle baby blue stripe would be classy and elegant.
    I love this discussion! Keep us posted. What scent will you wear?

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    Ha ha ha!

    Great to get some thoughts from someone so enthusiastic!
    Im chosing between a suit and a frock coat.
    A frock coat really says wedding but to me it looks like Im wearing a vest and an outercoat without the suit jacket if you know what I mean. And also my legs disappear when wearing such a long jacket. But the frock coat itself would look very good, just not sure that it would be as good on me as on the coat hanger in the store. A jaquette would be sooo nice but it is traditionally a daytime wear before 3 pm and since it is a late afternoon wedding and changing before dinner to eveningwear is a little out of my league Im going to pass on that.
    So I will try out a frock coat once more but I have a strong feeling that I will end up in a suit. A suit with a slim fit, black square toe leather shoes. and a vest and tie/kravatte that goes well with the suit as well as my bride to bes dress. She will be wearing a silk dress wich is not quite white, I think it would be called champagne or creme or something. My shirt will be in the same colour and with french cuffs.
    The colour of the suit itself is a tricky one. Im going for a single-breasted, two-button suit with a marked waist, two back vents and plain-front pants without pleats. Black, white and too bright is out of the question just like you said. Its in may but not on a beach in Thailand but rather in risk of a cloudy, rainy, semi-cold church or in warm spring. Im thinking dark blue, medium or charcoal grey or dark brown. Brown is really a good looking colour for a suit but its not traditional for weddings and in church. But its my wedding and my rules, right? I was going for a medium dark beige vest and a gold colour tie and brown would look good with that, but maybe with a blue suit too.
    These are just thoughts and might change from time to time. The wedding is in six months and right now my primary focus in on a science paper due in about three weeks... So in january the search really begins!!

    I thought it would be fun too hear some ideas and your thoughts were very similar to mine, Pellen.
    A tux or something even more formal is just not me and not fair on our guests either. But everyone has a nice suit to put on and for me a frock coat or suit with some fancy-schmancy accessoirs will definitely do the trick without separating me too much from the stated dress code.

    Thanks for responding and thanks to those reading. I didnt intend to make this thread an ego-trip but more of a general discussion on what you think is a good outfit for a groom. So please share your thoughts; be it from experience or not. Dont be shy boys and girls!!


    ps: What scent wil lI wear?? My wife to be is insisting on me wearing Gucci Rush because I wore that pretty much on a daily basis at work when we met. Now my taste has develloped and I Rush may not be my first choice for a formal scent. But you cant argue with emotional value. But if i find a fragrance that she thinks is amazing and more formal then that might do the trick. I love my fragrances and it will be impossible for me to pick one out based on formal scent and favourite. So Im very confident with the Rush but Im hoping for at least one contender before my wedding day is here. Heck; I might even create my own wedding fragrance from my favourite notes. Oh its too early to think about and a way too big project to get into now. My science paper is calling me


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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    Funny, Rush is one of my favourite scents as well. I'm really not getting what a frock coat is. But I do think it'd be nice for you to stand out in the crowd a bit.
    You say you're in Sweden? What part? I live on Gotland for 6 months when I was 18.

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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    I live in the south of Sweden. I lived in Malmoe for 13 years and in Hllviken (Just 20 kilometres southwest of Malmoe) for 13 years. For the moment i live in Karlshamn wich is located 150 kilomtres northeast of Malmoe. Actually I was located on Gotland for a few months during my military duty and I really love it there. Ive been telling my GF(soon to be wife!) that we should go there! So, where on Gotland did you live? Where are you from originally?
    A frock coat is shaped like a suit jacket but 10-15 centimetres longer, so it ends somewhere between the middle of the thighs and the knees. It is a very old classic in Sweden that wasnt used so much in the latest century but now its back in style again bigtime. For weddings that is. It is of extremely little use otherwise. If I was to wear it to another occation then people would say I had a desperate craving for attention. Its not part of a dresscode so a tux is of more use than a frock coat. I think a frock coat can also be called a riding coat or a long jacket. It is worn with black pants but the coat can be of any colour and it is common in brokade structure (is brokade a word in english?) Very extravagant and elegant without being extreme or unsuitable but for mainly one occation only so better to rent than buy.
    Yeah Rush is great! Putting it on is like coming home after having travelled the world. You have been to amazing places but there is no place like home!

    What are your top five or ten fragrances? Would be funny to know to see if taste in outfits and taste in scents correlate!

    Fun talking to ya, pellen!

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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    I lived just outside of Visby in Vibble. I'm from Canada. Saskathewan (which is the midwest) originally, and now I live in Montreal.
    The frock coat sounds cool. Kind of a nice mixture of traditional and hip.

    Top fragrances just off the top of my head:
    Iris Silver Mist
    Pierre de Lune
    Bois Farine
    Datura Noir
    A la Nuit

    And I love Fumerie Turque on my boyfriend.
    My brother is wearing Boucheron right now and it smells great on him.

    Very nice chatting with you as well.

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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    I wish I knew those fragrances you mention but my interest has been mainly towards mens fragrances.
    My favourites include:
    Gucci Rush
    Havana Reserva
    Armani eau Pour Homme
    Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
    Rochas Lui
    Gucci Pour Homme
    Creed Bois de Cdrat
    Ralph Lauren Polo(Green)
    Herms Rocabar
    Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet
    Creed Tabarome Millessime
    Bond no 9 Nouveau Bowery
    Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label


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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    I wore a fez, pink fluffy sling-back mules, the traditional tartan of my Highland clan and one leather fur-cuffed mitten.

    ... and Old Spice.

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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    I'd say a classy tailored suit, charcoal grey or dark blue. White shirt, black shoes and blue or maroon colored tie. (425)
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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    Never wear a black suit. Ever.

    Navy / Charcoal are acceptable.

    Go nuts with the tie and socks. I usually wear yellow socks and a plain knitted tie but wouldn't turn my nose up at a lilac & violet paisley print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe mcclaine View Post
    Never wear a black suit. Ever.
    A black suit is appropriate only for certain occasions. However, a wedding or an evening event is absolutely one of them. In this case, a black suit is appropriate, but probably better if it were an evening wedding.

    OP, don't go with the frock coat. It's a made-up attempt at formalwear. You need something timeless and appropriate, as Hednic said. A charcoal, navy, or black suit will do you well. If the weather will be appropriate even a lighter grey suit works perfectly for a summer wedding. Light grey or charcoal can go with brown or black shoes. Navy, stick with brown. Look into Sam Hober's wedding ties for simple patterns made for weddings.

    If your wedding were later in the evening a tux is also appropriate, but for daytime stick with a suit.

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    Default Re: Wedding wear!?

    Quote Originally Posted by joe mcclaine View Post
    Never wear a black suit. Ever.

    Navy / Charcoal are acceptable.

    Go nuts with the tie and socks. I usually wear yellow socks and a plain knitted tie but wouldn't turn my nose up at a lilac & violet paisley print.
    On the contrary, a black suit is the safest attire for a groom. Consider the fact that you may be looking back at your wedding photos with your grandchildren. Do you really want to explain your reasons for donning such eccentrically colourful garb? By all means, break the rules when another party is receiving you, break the rules when you are a member of a wedding party, but observe the rules when you are the groom.

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