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    Default Thinking of selling off some of my collection - Questions

    My collection isn't as big as some here - but I am thinking of selling some of it off (and make a little xmas spending money).

    So my questions are in regards to shipping. Canada post (and I would imagine USPS) don't allow the shipment of 'dangerous goods' which I believe includes colognes because of the alcohol content. Yet when I ordered from people on this board and through ebay - they often shipped via USPS or Canadapost (most were labelled use cosmetics).

    So is this what most do to keep the shipping costs down - is kinda fib about what is being shipped ?
    Or is it just better to use a courier at a greater cost ?

    Any suggestions welcome.


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    Default Re: Thinking of selling off some of my collection - Questions

    WHat have you got available? We might be interested!
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    Default Re: Thinking of selling off some of my collection - Questions

    Questions and answers about the general ideas of selling fragrances, and in this case shipping them, are great on this board, but specific sales/trades offerings and suggestions are not--those are for the marketplace boards.

    I know it can be frustrating but I have deleted and will delete posts and threads that are direct and indirect sales/trading offerings from this board. This is Basenotes policy.

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