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Thread: Top 5 Noses!

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    Post Top 5 Noses!

    While there are alot of threads about favourite frags, noses would deserve more attention! Here is my list in no particular order;

    Lorenzo Villoresi
    Jean Laporte
    Andy Tauer
    Yvon Mouchel
    Dominique Ropion

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    1. Michael Almairac : Versatile, scents of strong charachter. Creator of the most beautiful scent ever, Voleur de Roses.
    2. Maurice Roucel : Extremely creative. Gai Mattiolo Mans is one of my biggest favourites scents ever, but I also love madly Rochas Man.
    3. Shirley Brody : Creator of C&S No.88. Enough said.
    4. Annick Menardo : Charismatic perfumer with many mysterious scents. Body Kouros is my favourite; a strange gourmand with animalic twist.
    5. Christopher Sheldrake : I`m not the biggest fan of Serge Lutens, but Sheldrake has create some damn good fragrances. And most importanly; Miel de Bois, which is one of my "top 10 forever" scents.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Whoever made Kouros is a frikkin genius.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Christopher Sheldrake
    Maurice Roucel
    Jacques Polge
    Jean Claude Ellena
    Olivia Giacobetti

    Special Mention for a career: Jacques Guerlain ;-)

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Ernest Beaux
    Edmund Roudnitska
    Jacques Guerlain
    Ernest Daltroff
    Germaine Cellier

    In no particualr order. Non of the modern perfumers can compare with these masters of the art of perfumery.
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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Quote Originally Posted by PigeonMurderer

    2. Maurice Roucel : Extremely creative.

    OK. Roucel is creative, no matter his shamessly lazy job with New Haarlem.

    But what I guess I meant to say at the first place, Mr. Roucels works are not perhaps mainly creative, but overall very high quality : After all, all of this mans creations are (that I know of) very well made!

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Olivia Giacobetti
    Jean-Claude Ellena
    Dominique Ropoin
    Maurice Roucel
    Olivier Creed

    Not necessarily in that order.
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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    I will only list noses who have 2 or more creations which I like:

    Pierre Bourdon (YSL Kouros, YSL Live Jazz, Davidoff Good life, Davidoff Cool Water)

    Olivia Giacobetti ( L'Artisan Dzing!, Hermes Hiris, Diptyque Philosykos)

    Dominique Ropion (Malle Vetiver Extraoridinaire, Malle Carnal Flower, Armani Code for women)

    Maurice Roucel (Bond no. 9 New Haarlem, Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, Rochas Man, Gucci Envy)

    Olivier Creed (Feuille Verte, Green Irish Tweed, Spring Flower, Bois Du Portugal, Fleurs De Bulgarie)
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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Francis Kurkdjian (Le Male, Armani Mania for Men, Gaultier˛, Silver Shadow)
    Jean-Claude Ellena (Terre d'Hermes, Bvlgari The Vert)
    Alberto Morillas (Mugler Cologne, Acqua di Gio Pour Homme, Bvlgari PH)
    Oliver Cresp (deserves to be here just because of Angel, which changed perfumery forever)
    Dominque Ropion (Alien, YSL L'Homme, Armani Code for Women)
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Yann Vasnier - L'Homme de Coeur, L'Homme Sage

    Francis Kurkdjian - Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche

    Christopher Sheldrake - MKK, Borneo, FT........

    Jean Claude Ellena - Divine Bergamote, Terre d'Hermes, Bigarade Concentree, Vetiver Tonka

    Linda Pilkington - Isfarkand Pour Homme, Ormonde Man

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Francois Coty
    Jacques Guerlain
    Ernest Daltroff
    Edmond Roudnitska
    Jean Charles

    Jean-Paul Guerlain
    Christopher Sheldrake
    Olivia Giacobetti
    Jean-Claude Ellena
    Guy Robert

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    Jacques Guerlain is my Number One: I call him St.Jacques because no mere mortal could have created that amount of otherwordly beautiful and moving perfumes.

    The Big Four:
    Germaine Céllier
    Olivia Giacobetti
    Annick Goutal
    Christopher Sheldrake
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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    would be unfair to expect anyone in the present to stand up to Roudnitska or "the" guerlain

    the past masters
    Jacques Guerlain
    Ernest Beaux
    Edmond Roudnitska
    Ernest Daltroff
    Aime Guerlain (just for having made Jicky)

    the new gurus
    Annick Menardo
    Olivia Giacobetti
    Maurice Roucel
    Christopher Sheldrake
    Jacques Polge

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    Default Re: Top 5 Noses!

    1.) Jacques Polge
    2.) Christopher Sheldrake
    3.) Linda Pilkington
    4.) Maurice Roucel
    5.) Jean Claude Ellena

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