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    Default Help ladies! Dior Poison for my mother?

    My mother celebrates her birthday on Christmas and I'd like to give a perfume again this year. I gave her L'Eau D'Issey last year and she enjoys it. She's not into fragrance like I am...2 sprays and that's enough for her. If I give her Poison, would it make an impression even with such a light application? Also, would it suit her - she turns 54 this year.

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    Default Re: Help ladies! Dior Poison for my mother?

    If you mean classic Poison in the dark purple bottle, personally I wouldn't gift someone with it unless I knew for sure they liked it. Poison is one of those love/hate fragrances. But two sprays of Poison should be sufficient for anyone. ;-) I actually like Poison, but I hated it in the 80's. I think the power scents are making a comeback, though, aren't they?

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    Smile Re: Help ladies! Dior Poison for my mother?

    Someone mentioned in another thread about making a bouquet of 7 samples or decants. Throw in some pretty flowers and that would be a present I know I would love. It would be so hard to pick out one fragrance that someone else would like without knowing their tastes. I know so many women who act so grateful and happy about receiving a perfume and then wonder who to give it to because they really don't like it. Or perhaps you could give her a perfume gift certificate.

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    Default Re: Help ladies! Dior Poison for my mother?

    Love the idea about a sample basket. I noticed your wishlist includes Hanae Mori and Opium...either of those might be nice for your Mom, just a thought... I sampled Hanae Mori on one wrist and Hypnotic Poison on the other today, looking for a warm vanilla scent, and Hanae Mori won. I actually sampled the pure perfume, which was quite longlasting with just the single squirt on my wrist. Ended up with the EdP (cheaper) and very happy with it.
    p.s. I am 44, my best friends are in their early 50's, in case that helps.
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