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    Question Are all A*men & B*men flasks refillable?

    Are all A*men & B*men flasks (rubber or metal) (50ml or 100ml) refillable with refill bottles or are some of these flasks sealed and have to be discarded once contents are exhausted? I really like the flasks but would be disappointed if they have to be trashed after the juice is gone..just saw them once in a store..was bidding on ebay when i asked this seller and he says he isnt aware of me on this one please..


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    Default Re: Are all A*men & B*men flasks refillable?

    The rubber flasks are not refillable. Only the metal flasks are.

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    Default Re: Are all A*men & B*men flasks refillable?

    Without knowing anything about the seller, and seeing that he's on ebay,
    I'd find somewhere else to buy A*Men, because it is popular enough to be "faked" and ebay is the "best" place to get fake product. This guy should know whether it is refillable or not.

    You can get a 1.7 oz A*men tester (same as retail product) on for under $40. That's what I did.
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