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Thread: Whoa....Dali

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    Default Whoa....Dali

    The day before while checking out the fragrance section of Marshall's (with the holidays near its good picking time). Poking around I spotted on the bottom shelf hiding in the back a beauitfully boxed giftset of Salvator Dali Pour Homme.

    The set included a large edt spray, mini edt, and shower gel. I could see it was untouched by idol hands so I purchased it for a just $19.00.

    Now I am a fan of the Dali fragrance and already have a bottle but what really wanted was the shower gel. This morning I tried the gel in the shower and wow! It was like a sureal experience experience this scent in the shower. The sillage from the shower gel is amazing.

    I wonder if this is a regular line up of the Salvator Dali line or just something they put together for the giftset?

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    Default Re: Whoa....Dali

    Pure "evil" in a bottle!

    In a good way, though definitely for a certain time/place/mood.

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    Default Re: Whoa....Dali

    Quote Originally Posted by scentimus
    Now I am a fan of the Dali fragrance and already have a bottle but what really wanted was the shower gel.
    Salvador Dali pour homme is my best discovery so far in 2006!
    (it was about time I try it!)
    Fantastic scent, and I love the masculine use of florals in this one.
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Default Well, Hello, Dali!

    An incredible scent bound to be either loved or detested by most. I am in the former of the two camps, but can certainly understand why a) most hate this one and b) why the parent company discontinued this one. (I'm surprised it ever did as well as it did on the market, given how "out there" it was/is.)

    Very much (in terms of love/hate relationships) in the same camp as A*men, Yatagan, Silver Mountain Water and L'Anarchiste, IMHO.

    Dark, melancholy, smoky to one man; hell personified to the next.
    Try it before you buy it.

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    Default Re: Whoa....Dali

    I like this scent because it's so moody and you have to have a strong personality to carry it off otherwise it will eat you alive.
    Also, i think a little goes a long way with this one.
    I like it, but i don't wear it that often.

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