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    Default Very Irrésistible for Men

    I was introduced to Very Irrésistible for Men for a while ago and thought it was alright.

    The past two days I've sampled VI on my skin/clothes at Macys and thought it smelt nice and had nice longetivity. Not offensive on me and has a nice drydown.

    What do you guys think of this one? No one seems to talk about it much, I'm thinking of buying this one. Is it good for fall/winter?
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    Oh god yeah man, its good for anytime. Very nice longevity, and sweet to the core!

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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    Just bought it but haven't really worn it yet. It's warm and sweet. Let's go for it.
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    Its really good. It deserves more coverage here. I love the nutty note in this one.

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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    On me it doesn't last very long compared to other oriental/gourmand scents. I initially thought of it as mediocre, but it's quite versatile since the mocha note is counterbalanced with a fresh green accord. Overall, it's a good scent.

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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    Yeah, It's nice!
    If you want to try other similar fragrances I suggest:
    - Guerlain L'Instant
    - Ck Obsession
    - A*Men
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    I found this much more tolerable than A*Men. Good chocolate and woody theme.
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    I love it. Consider looking at both the regular VI and the summer version. The summer take has less coffee/chocolate and more mint/grapefruit. The scents are close to one another, but I found them to both be worthwhile purchases, especially since the regular VI is a little heavy for summer wear. There is no difference in longevity or sillage between the two; in my book, they are both exceptional - I often reach for them when I know I need a fragrance that is going to go the distance.

    If I recall, VI came in second in last year's Basenotes poll for new launches (behind Dior Homme). You wouldn't know it, though, by the infrequent mentions it seems to get these days.
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    I tried Very Irresistible this past summer at a duty-free shop... I hated it. And this is coming from a huge fan of Angel Men, so I was expecting to like it a lot.

    There was this nasty herbal accord in the scent that kept going and going, just like the Energizer Bunny. Despite the fact that it smelled wonderful on the smelling strip, it didn't sit right with my skin... it was more like Very Resistible to me. Too bad, because the bottle is so cool...
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    I quite liked this stuff actually when testing it. I'm looking to add one more fragrance to my collection before winter. I'm considering buying this maybe. I've been having a hard time finding something I want to buy. I don't want to buy anything that I think, "well this is nice", I'm waiting until it's something I really like. I'm a fan of fragrance, but I don't plan to build up a 25 fragrance wardrobe anytime soon.

    I've wanted something with a chocolate note and this one seems quite good. A*Men is intriguing, but I've found it to be overpowering, and I haven't heard anyone else mention it, but it has some sort of almost sour note/aspect to it. It's not practical.

    VI might be the one, I find that the fruity notes seem to blend well into the chocolate. Strange though that it seems that a large number of people on here really dislike this one.

    I'd like to hear from people who have used this one a lot in terms of longevity. I won't buy anything that has crap longevity. The reviews are mixed on longeivty.

    All in all though, at this time I would say I like this stuff quite a bit, it's quite original too. Great bottle as well.

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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    The green and the hazelnut/moccha just never came together for me. Each note nice in and of itself, but together: Very Irritating to this nose.
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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    I have to agree with MFfan310 on this - it's one of the worst scents I've tried so far. The chocolate note may provide an edge but it also ruins it, IMO. The longevity is nothing special either.

    I'm not one for the likes of A*Men and Rochas Man but I'd rather go with those than that watery piece of ****.

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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    Well my birthday is a week from tomorrow (I'm turning 15).

    My parents arn't getting me anything this year but my friends are planning to get me a cologne. If I know them, there going to get me Curve or something....

    I'm planning in purchasing VI on ebay soon, hmm 3.4 or 1.7?

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    Default Re: Very Irrésistible for Men

    I was a bit disappointed in VI. Just a bit because I was expecting to be amazed. Still, it's a good gourmand fragrance. I can't speak for the longevity as I sprayed it on paper.

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