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    I recently received two seperate bottles of H.M. in swaps from fellow basenoters. One was advertised as an EDT, and one an EDP. Neither one came in original boxes. My question is.. how do I descern one from the other (aside from smelling the contents). They both have identical exteriors (edp/edt not indicated) Sure I could mark one bottle with a piece of tape or market to seperate the two but I was wondering if you folks know of any identifiable differences between the two? I don't doubt for a second that both basenoters swapped me what was promised.. I just want to be able to tell the two apart! Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    It should say on the bottom of the bottle whether it's edp or edt

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    You were absolutely right... I don't know why that didn't occur to me. Thanks for the reply.


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    I found that in the women's version of Hanae Mori the difference between the EdT and EdP are astounding, they smell like two different perfumes to me, it the same with the male version? just curious.
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    i agree that the edt and edp in the woman's version is pretty noticeable. i think that there is a definite difference between the men's concentrations but not enough as the woman's version. the men's edt is more light and "fun" with the citrus topnotes have more of an edge in the composition of the fragrance. the men's edp is deeper with a richer, creamier base. i personally opt for the edt in warmer months and the edp during late fall/winter (although i think the edt is extremly long-lasting, comparatively).

    just my 2 cents
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