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    Default Virgin To Ava Luxe

    Tell me -- which Ava Luxe frag should I try first?

    I'm partial to rich Orientals and incense-y fragrances, and VERY partial to spices (the heavier the better). Excellent longevity and sillage are musts. The Opopanax scents of theirs sound intriguing. So does Kashmir Spice. Still, I learned a long time ago that frag names alone don't necessarily mean jack sh-t.

    Civet doesn't bother me, nor does ambergris. Cannot abide tar notes. Tonka's OK (in moderation only -- too much sometimes gives me a headache.) Also, am not a huge fan of gourmand scents in general.

    Am curious to hear your suggestions!

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    Default Re: Virgin To Ava Luxe

    Cafe Noir is the one that drew me in. I bought a big bottle. Starbucks/spice shop done beautifully.
    Kretek is awesome and smells like "clove" ciggarrettes
    Firewood smells like the cabin after not being there for a long time
    Patchouli leaves is a fresher take on patchouli for non-hippies
    and she offers at least two different incense scents as far as I know.

    all are incredibly rich and resolutely composed. She is super friendly to deal with as well. Samples are available on the website.
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