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    Default Leather scents for BF?

    I'm looking for some leather scents to try on my BF. We tried Cuir Mauresque the other night and we both hated it; him especially. But we both like leather (the smell that is, we're not really into that kinky stuff), so some suggestions would be really appreciated. I've tried Daim Blond as well, and I'm not really crazy about it. Usually I like the Lutens', but these ones just don't work.
    My BF is a fairly quiet guy, masculine (doesn't want to smell like a girl), and doesn't like to smell too strong. He has slightly oily, dark skin, dark hair, hazel eyes. Basically he's a little Quebecois: French and Mohawk. Not sure if these factors will help, but I thought I'd try to give some information.

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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    Well... the ones I would love to smell on a man are:

    Idole De Lubin (boozy, warm, scrumptious)
    Dzing - L'Artisan (an easy-going unisex leather)
    Kolnisch Juchten - Parfums Regence (very dry, chypre-ish, but still sensual)
    Cuir De Russie - Chanel (sample this one before buying - it throws off barnyard smells on some people, of which I am one :-(

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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    We've got a leather scent thread in the men's forum now, so you may want to check that out (I think it's called "Tried Cuiron... what's next?)

    But, I would recommend the following (which is something of a condensation of that thread):

    1. Knize Ten
    2. Cuiron (Helmut Lang)

    Amongst designer fragrances, Dior Homme is interesting and leather-y. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania is a unique take on leather, adding roses. Another one that I like and wear myself is Jolie madame by Balmain.


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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    Definately add VIP Room Signature to your list of scents to try. It's a soft, sweet leather. Don't be fooled by the flower notes listed--it's not girly, just gentle.

    Notes: tiare flower, bergamot, tangerine, pineapple, sandalwood, vetiver, birch, iris root, leather, styrax, amber, vanilla, musk

    In Canada, you can get samples here:

    For U.S.:
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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    In addition to the ones that have been listed, you might try
    Montale Oud Cuir d'Arabie (my DH's favorite)
    SMN Peau d'Espagne
    SMN Nostalgia
    Andy Tauer Lonestar Memories
    Le labo Patchouli (really a birchtar/leather scent, not a patch one)

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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    I second Cuiron (plum gives it a fruity rawness) and Knize 10 (gentlemanly, some call it classic, some old-fashioned, brilliant complex stuff). Lonestar is very strong, I get a "sweaty half-naked proletarians in the boiler room of the battle cruiser Potemkin" vibe from it (doesn't turn me on unfortunately ) rather than cowboy associations. I would definitely try Creed's Royal English Leather which is sublime, regal, unrivalled. Aigner has "In Leather" which really just smells like pure leather, if you like that, as well as a more velvety suede edition.
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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    The boldface fragrances would probably work better for your BF taking into consideration your profile of him:

    Bvlgari – Bvlgari Black
    Caron – Yatagan
    Chanel – Antaeus Pour Homme
    Dior – Bois d’Argent
    Divine – L’Homme Sage EDP
    Givenchy – Givenchy Gentleman (vintage)
    Guerlain – Derby (vintage 1985 formulation)
    Guerlain – Habit Rouge EDT
    Hermès – Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande
    Léonard – Léonard Pour Homme
    Maître Parfumeur et Gantier – Iris Bleu Gris
    Maître Parfumeur et Gantier – Parfum d’Habit
    Michael Kors – Michael Kors for Men
    Miller Harris – Cuir d’Oranger EDP
    Montale – Black Aoud EDP
    Montale – Oud Cuir d’Arabie EDP
    Parfums de Nicolaï – Carre d’As
    Pierre Cardin – Centaure Cuir Casaque
    Richard James – Richard James

    Trussardi – Trussardi Uomo
    Van Cleef & Arpels – Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme


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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I certainly won't be short of options. It seems that the sweetness in Cuir Mauresque is what put him off, and I've noticed that a number of people have noted the same thing. I'm not sure what it was that I didn't like, but there's some underlying smell in Cuir Mauresque, Muscs Koublai Khan, and Or Noir (Pascal Morabito) that seems to be having this effect on me the last few days. The effect is not pleasant; it is nausea. I wonder what that is. Maybe I just have the flu; hopefully it will pass.

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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    Favourite Leathers that you / SO may enjoy:

    Paco Rabanne La Nuit - dry leather and roses NOT girly
    Aramis Devin
    Dana English Leather (4 varieties = Spiced, Limed, Classic, Musk)
    Ava Luxe Film Noir
    Piguet Bandit - green leather chypre
    Gres Cabochard (modern) - tobacco leather chypre, smokey and sexy
    Caron En Avion
    Guerlain Shalimar EDC
    Dior homme
    Fendi Uomo
    Aramis Bel Ami
    Aramis for Men
    Halston Z-14
    Penhaligons Endymion
    YSL Jazz - have only smelled on a man. Good!
    Chanel Antaeus


    Happy Sniffing!
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    Default Re: Leather scents for BF?

    Chanel Cuir de Russie is very well balanced and perfectly unisex.

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