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    Default Fumerie Turque is on the way!

    It's official! I have moved the Fumerie Turque from the wish list to the pending list! :bounce:

    Ok I knew you guys would understand how excited I am right now! I just got off the phone with a SA named James from Barneys! My FT will arrive in app. one week! I guess I should have sprung for over-night delivery too! :bounce:
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    Default Re: Fumerie Turque is on the way!

    Your post wasn't overlooked, shadesofbleu! I know how excited you are, it was the same for me about 3 weeks ago: I wasn't expecting FT until shortly before Christmas, but then surprise: one store had it already!! Soon I was cradling my preciousss
    Now it's my beloved Chergui reaching an alarmingly low level in its bottle and not available any more in the export line
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    Smile Re: Fumerie Turque is on the way!

    Hmm.. I don't know which one is more exciting. The anticipation of shipment or the actual acquisition of this amazing juice. Congrats--- this is one fragrance that Im sure you'll love. Let us know!!
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    Default Re: Fumerie Turque is on the way!

    Hey, congrats, shades! I don't wear mine so often....but I smile at it every day.
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