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    Question Lou Lou non alcohol

    Hello fellow basenoters! I had a brain snap the other day - and just HAD to get my hand on a bottle of Lou Lou BUT the one I want is the non-alcohol and the fragrance is milky. It has a blue line around the top instead of the burgundy. It is not the Lou Lou Blue.

    I really liked it as it wasn't quite as 'here! Cop this! I'm wearing Lou Lou!' More of a 'Mmm, yes it is Lou Lou but NOT Lou Lou. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink know what I mean!' It was about 13/14 years ago (Eeek!!)

    Was wondering if any of you remember this version and seen it floating around? Might try and snap up a bottle if I can. And while we are on the subject - is there many other fragrances that have been teetotalled? and what are your thoughts on them

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    A resurrected thread because I came by a bottle this past weekend and have been wondering what the difference was. At a quick neck of the spray sniff, it does smell slightly different but not enough to be another perfume. I wonder what the solvent was then. I shall spray some out later and photograph it for interest.
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    Mumsy, this must be your jackpot time. You keep finding these gems. Good for you!

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    Is it a jackpot? It says Voile de Lou Lou or similar. I'm too lazy to go all the way upstairs to see as it's quarter to 1 in the morning and i shouldn't be on here....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Lots here about it

    I'm too tired to read it today, back tomorrow.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here it is as promised. I've only seen one thing like it, Christopher Brosius In the library for colour, but not the texture. It is like thinned down lotion in a spray bottle. It smells divine still. I think these dark bottles saved all the Cacharels from decay. I used to wear Lou Lou in the 80's... I still like it very much. It handles the florals very well. Loud but not brash.

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