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    Default total newb, how are fragrances supposed to be applied?

    Okay, from what i've read on teh site it seems like it is a better idea to apply directly to the skin. but where? the wrists? the neck?

    but i have a question specifically about splash applicators. I got a couple 1ml vial samples. instead of a spray top they have a 'splash' applicator. its like a little tube that goes into the edt. am i just supposed to brush this tube on my skin?

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    Default Re: total newb, how are fragrances supposed to be applied?


    Relative newb to total newb! Re. the small vials - I tend to just get some juice between my fingers and put it on chest/neck/hand.

    The quantities depend entirely on the fragrance. My English colognes are a bit light so I give about 8 squirts in total. The notorious Thierry Mugler A*Men is a curiosity at two squirts total and an obscenity at 4+squirts.


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    Default Re: total newb, how are fragrances supposed to be applied?

    I'll be damned if I know.

    You can dab all the pulse points, you know, wrist, nape of neck, collarbone, inside elbow, breast,(sternum?) hip, back of knee, small of back and ankles...

    I have been spraying the top of my forearm and the inside, my collarbone, the back of my neck, too...
    Hell, I dunno.
    follow your gut and your nose. I think it is different for each scent and the strength thereof.
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    Default Re: total newb, how are fragrances supposed to be applied?

    I agree with the idea of spray (or dab, or dribble, or whatever) it where you want. I put it on my wrists, neck and cleavage, and some in the crook of my arm. I put it there because since my arms are slightly bent most of the time it seems to guard the scent and it lasts longer there. So I get to experience different levels of scent throughout the day. At night I put it on the back of my neck so my boyfriend can smell it when he cuddles up. I like to put perfume on just his ears and a little on the back of his hand. His ears just seems like the place, to me, and I put some on his hand so he can sniff it.

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    Default Re: total newb, how are fragrances supposed to be applied?

    I normally put perfume on my inside wrist and crook of my arm. I don't usually apply to my neck or my cleavage, because I don't want to get used to my own fragrance and not smell it anymore. Olfactory fatigue, that's called. On the lower arms, I catch wiffs pretty much like everybody else around me and they seem new all day.

    I use the little vials like a roll-on, put your wrist over the top and then turn your wrist and vial over so the juice is trapped, and run the vial back and forth over your skin. You'll find a little trail is left just as though there'd been a ball there.

    Also, the perfumes evaporate from body heat, and heat rises. If I'm in a situation where I want to be discreet with fragrance, and only have someone inside a foot notice, I might just apply to behind my ears. The thing is, I try not to apply where it's going to be wafting into my every breath.

    But, usually I'm only pleasing myself so it's the lower arms!

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