Hi everyone,

Monsieur Carven is one of my favourite fragrances, but what I had of it is now gone. As it is now a rarity I was thinking of finding a similar one and see if I can settle for it. So far my search yielded only 1 result (see below). Can anyone suggest anything else?

My second question is related to my 1 finding (First by van Cleef and Arpels): Can one compare fragrances marketed as male to ones marketed as female? If so, are there any tools out there to compare fragrances?

I discovered "First" the other day in a theatre - a woman was wearing it and the scent reminded me very much of Monsieur Carven. I compared notes based on this information http://scentdirect.com/scent.php?scentID=107 & http://scentdirect.com/genealogy.php?scentID=636 and IMHO they are quite alike. What does the community think?
Moreover, who thinks that "First" can be worn by men?

Take care