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    Default tom ford black orchid

    not a men's scent but amazing nonetheless and wearable.

    should I go to buy some and have it signed by la ford at neiman marcus tomorrow ? ? ? do you think I could sell for a big needless markup on ebay?

    I really want some for myself but today snagged a 1/2 oz sample spray

    just spraying more on the topnotes are so thrilling a delicately spicy blast. This stuff is so incredible!!! It all smells so real, not like perfume its like... a fragrant landscape of exotic flowers which begin with this death orgasm then collapse sweetly and dissolve into milk... into flesh. maybe here are some of the scents of st lydwine whose wounds and sores when her body was split into three discrete parts (representing the holy trinity) gave off the most enchating perfumes, cause a huge element of the thrill to this stuff is this disquieting beauty of disintegration. st lydwine was said to emit something like the scent of lily and rose. the spices ebb in again and then there is the feeling of a funereal rites, a preservative, as though we are embalming the still living plant or prolonging the suffering of the flower to enjoy its tormented olfactory effulgence in such a hot house/amazonian atmosphere, the air heavy with hot milk and so sweet. ok maybe that's too much, but it is a thrilling fragrance.
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    Talking Re: tom ford black orchid

    If you go I'd also like a complete description on the hotness (or not) of Ford using the same erotic prose you used to describe his fragrance. LOL!

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    Spicy floral? That sounds interesting. Tom Fords best release ever ?

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    Quote Originally Posted by supermarky
    not a men's scent but amazing nonetheless and wearable - ...a thrilling fragrance.
    This ...... should teach Burr how to write fascinating reviews! You made me more than just curious. I hope Orchid comes to Europe soon. Just as good a name for a fragrance, as it's packaging. Already M7 has become a joy for the shelf!
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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    I'm very intrigued with this scent as well!! Great description

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    well since I didn't even know it was out and just stumbled upon it maybe it's fated I go tomorrow and get some! why wait? that stack of unpaid bills isn't going anywhere!

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    I liked the top notes, but it all goes a bit meh from thereon in. That decaying vegetal / floral quality doesn't last unfortunately.

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    The fragrance is very sexual. It has a sweet/edible side that I really like. I can tell Black Orchid will be a love it or hate it scent.

    When I first sprayed the tester, I was immediately thought that I had to wash it off. Fast... But it grew on me in just 2 minutes. The fragrance is marketed to women and you can tell, but it can be worn by a man.

    I have to buy a decant. I wouldn't call this a spicy floral at all. It's sweet, but not the way you're used to. It's a bit animalic, the "air heavy with hot milk" description by supermarky it pretty accurate. It's not exactly a gourmand though.

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    Screw the Black Orchid stuff -- at least until I get a whiff and/or a sample. I want more St. Lydwine stories! What a HOOT! (Along with stories of "incorruptible" saints' bodies putting off the smell of roses and such, it's tales such as Lydwine's that remind me that religion, if nothing else, is always good for the purposes of sheer entertainment.)

    Anybody out there have decants of Black Orchid available for those of us who don't want to splurge blindly on a bottle? Tom Ford's certainly done very well with the two new Gucci fragrances and Rive Gauche thus far -- I hope that Black Orchid doesn't disappoint.

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    Default Re: tom ford black orchid

    check the sales board, why don'tcha?

    There is a biography of blessed St Lydwine by the great JK Huysmans you can purchase @ amazon used... the one I bought was said to be in excellent condition, however, like st lydwine herself it came apart into several sections so I got a refund but didn't have to return it. It was however, only good for the trash can after being flipped through.

    If you really want to read something sensational along these lines, read "La Bas" the story of this Durtal character as he is writing a biography of Gilles de Rais who started out as Joan of Arc's right hand man but after she was betrayed and he was betrayed and his assets frozen turned to alchemy and became this infamous child murderer. At his trial he so moved the assembled community, including literally hundreds of parents of brutally slain children that the entire courtroom was on its knees weeping and praying for his salvation before he went to the stake. This is just a glimpse of the extreme drama of this strange and wonderful book.

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