Oscar de la Renta pour Lui

I bought it last week and this is easily a candidate for my 'best blind buy after Coriolan a year ago. It turned out to be a (new) tester bottle from perhaps 1981. Wow! Should I ever be in need for something to wear with a black suit, this is it! It may become my top black scent after Bandit. I love dark scents, Zino including. This is darker, but without the kinky or unpleasant associations you sometimes get offered. I think of finest wool cloth, well tailored. I have been sniffing on and off to detect individual notes (mine is not an analyitcal nose) and wasn't very successful. So I used my favorite BN tool, 'search' until I discovered a post hidden somewhere else which is one of those which were launched at the wrong time or place and haven't called an echo. http://community.basenotes.net/showthread.php?t=177732

Well, this was my echo. Thank you godzilla ! I am very grateful for your supplement to the directory. The Lavender and Thyme hold back in a nice start, but this cologne is mainly about base notes, I find. It is hard to tell really!