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    Default Girls, what do you think of...

    Sarah jessica parker Lovely??
    I'm still trying to find a good fragrance for my wife!!!

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    You know something, I honestly adore Lovely. It's never out of place and always makes me feel great. Go for it, especially if you like it.

    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    You should get her the liquid satin version of lovely... it is so much better!!

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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    I haven`t tried the liquid satin version yet, but I will, since I do like Lovely very much. This is for sure not a love or hate scent, I think it appeals to most people, at least I have never heard anyone saying they think it`s really bad.

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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    Lovely is indeed versatile and appealing. I don't think you could go wrong with it.

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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    hmmm... it has been compared to narciso rodriguez for her, a fragrance i am sampling tonight and simply LOVING. maybe compare the two?
    just a thought.
    "Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it. Beet lifted jasmine, the way a bullnecked partner lifts a ballerina, and the pair came on stage on citron's fluty cue. As if jasmine were a collection of beautiful paintings, beet hung it in the galleries of the nose, insured it against fire or theft, threw a party to celebrate it. Citron mailed the invitations." Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins p. 189

    What I am loving right now: Shalimar vintage extrait, Chanel Bois des Iles, Chanel no. 22, Le Labo Iris 39, Guerlain Iris Ganache

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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    I do think that it's very pretty - light and a little powdery, not too sweet, with a subtle animalic chypre in the base. If you want to buy a perfume that will go over well, I think Lovely is probably your best bet: everyone seems to love it. My mother wears it every day, and when she let me sample it, my boyfriend went nuts over it too. I could never wear it, for the same reason I could never wear Chanel No. 5, another of her favorites. I just don't want to have this conversation:

    Boyfriend: Mmmm, Djuna, your perfume is soooo sexy. What is that smell?
    Djuna: Uh... my mom.

    But, unless you know her favorite smells, or you're willing to root around in her perfume cabinet to figure them out, Lovely is probably a perfect gift perfume.

    Me, I just found a website that sells Datura Noir and left the browser window open to that page. Subtlety is everything!

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    Default Re: Girls, what do you think of...

    Thank you very much, Girls!
    I'll definetely buy it!

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