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    Default Trying out Antonis by Bourbon French

    From their men's line, Antonis is described as "a light teak woodsy blend". I got a travel size of cologne, the weakest form. It started off lightly spicy and woodsy with a touch of smokiness, and it is getting stronger over time! It's not sweet at all and not overwhelming, almost a skin scent.

    I also got a pack of samples of the men's line, if there is interest I will post my reviews as I try them.

    If interested, they are having a holiday discount, details on their home page. Not affiliated.

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    Default Re: Trying out Antonis by Bourbon French

    Bourbon French Parfums make good quality, very old-fashioned fragrances.
    I have 525 and it is a rich citrus and wood mixtures very similar to one of the old Crown colognes. Eau de Noir is also very nice but is extremely heavy.
    These fragrances are enjoyable simply because they are of high quality and do not in any way conform to the "one trend" clones that have been apprearing for the last ten years. If you like Bourbon you should also try Hove which is also located in New Orleans and has a very nice web-site.

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