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    Default Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    I live in Australia, and I'm travelling to the US in a few days.

    How do I find out the rules for duty free shopping? I know there are limits on how much perfume you can buy/travel with, but I don't understand how this works.

    Do they count the perfume you bring with you from home, or do the limits only apply to what you bought overseas?

    Am I allowed to bring a perfume sample spray in my carry-on bag, or is this a potential terrorism weapon? :S

    Is duty free shopping even worth it or will I be able to get better deals at, say, outlet stores?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Default Re: Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    In regards to Duty Free, I think it just concerns how much you buy. If you spend more than a certain amount, you will be taxed a fee when you declare what you bought. I think it's usually a large number per person though, so unless you spend ALOT it should be alright.

    For this Duty Free, it's just what you bought in the country/on your travels.

    I'm pretty sure you cannot bring any liquids/gels on your carry-on.

    Duty Free really isn't THAT much better then department stores. Outlet stores/online are generally better.

    I'm not positive on any of these answers, probably should wait for someone to confirm. but this is what I was under the impression of based on my experiences. Good luck, and have a safe trip!!

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    Default Re: Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    The security of International air travel is very intense these days. I flew from Los Angeles to London to Paris to Frankfurt to Los Angeles and no liquids, toothpaste, make-up, lipstickds allowed in carry-on in all those airports. You can purchase as many fragrance as you want in duty-free shops but remember to pack them inside your check-in luggage before you reboard the aircraft. I did not buy any fragrances in the airport though because I'm only allowed one carry-on.
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    Default Re: Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    I've got the scoop because I just recently flew to Vegas and had to figure all this out in advance, because I was considering doing some shopping. I even called airport security to ask.

    You may bring liquid cosmetics, grooming products, toothpaste, etc. on board that are 3 ounces or less. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! They WILL make you give up your stuff to get through, and at the airport, there may or may not be a post office to mail it to yourself. They stand there with a big bin of stuff that they are confiscating as you go through the metal detector.

    You MAY bring with you a bottle of perfume that is three ounces or less. (and NO, spraying out the .3 or .4 to REDUCE the remaining liquid to 3 ounces WILL NOT allow you to bring your bottle through!). This means that if you have to bring it on carry-on, you must only buy 3 oz or less...The good news is that you can put ANY SIZE in your CHECKED luggage. I'd reccommend putting it in a ziplock bag, though.

    I'm still pissed off about having to give up my toothpaste!
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    Angry Re: Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    When I had flown to Portland, Oregon, several of perfume and bath shops had closed as a result of the ban of items in carry-on luggage. Some of the shops were AFTER you pass security so the effort of going back out to check the items and then going back through security was a real pain. The only way these shops could reopen is with a remodeling of the airport to locate those shops outside the secured area.

    Many of the other stores suffered, as they had sold items like jams, jellies, and syrups. The only way one could purchase those items was to have them directly shipped home and the shipping charges were very expensive.

    Sad, sad, sad!!!

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    Default Re: Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    Duty free to Australia is $1000 per person, btw. Buy on the plane, if they have something nice that is a good price, that way you can sometimes skate through customs checks fast, too.

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    Smile Re: Confused about duty free and travelling with perfume...

    If it were me I would focus my efforts on only scents I could not aquire at home. Such as Serge Lutens not for export line. If I was going to France that is. Maybe there are some scents that are more expensive where you are from than in the
    States. Or that you can't find anywhere else. Then I would pack them in double ziplock bags in my checked luggage.

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