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    Question Opinions on House of Kenzo

    OK, I collect Flower and it's variations, love it, blah blah blah, but what are your opinions of the whole group of fragrances of the House of Kenzo? I just found El Mundo Es Bello/Le Monde Est Beau in Germany and it's revived my love of grapefruit. Not so crazy about Amour but it's kinda comfy in the evening during a rainstorm....
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    Default Re: Opinions on House of Kenzo

    Amour has worked incredibly well for me. At first I really had no opinion of it, other than that it didn't seem very substantial. Later, I realized that the drydown was wonderful, and it does last quite a long time on me.

    I enjoy both Flowers on other people, from a distance. They were too powdery for me overall and didn't really develop much, retaining the rose/violet throughout. The Red parfum was preferable to the clear bottle.

    I used almost a whole bottle of Elephant at one time, although at some point I conflicted with the licorice note. Tiger I have and wear occasionally, but I have many things with fruit tops and they lately are not my favorites.

    The summer one, in the leaf-like bottle, was a plain and inconsequential light floral (mimosa?) that had very little zest and was instantly forgettable.

    Do not know the Monde est Beau one.

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    Default Re: Opinions on House of Kenzo

    I'll have to give Amour more of a chance, I think! It's so subtle. I love Elephant but go on and off it, sometimes gotta have it, sometimes, it's too much. I didn't like Summer, either, but I don't like mimosa at all. I think the Monde est Beau/ Ca Sent Beau are only available in Europe now.You might like Flower Oriental if the original Flower was too sweet. Great bottle, at any rate.
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    Default Re: Opinions on House of Kenzo

    Never been lucky with Kenzo. Wanted to love Jungle Tigre (naturally) but it just didn't happen.

    And L'Eau Par Kenzo is one of my all-time top dislikes.
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    Default Re: Opinions on House of Kenzo

    Oh yes, I tried Flower Oriental at Sephora and I noticed it paid a short visit to the Elephant idea, as though it juxtaposed Flower with Elephant to create something semi-nouveau. Definitely caught a bit of Elephant's licorice. I recall liking the drydown but wondering if I would use up a bottle or whether it would join the ranks of my other "occasional" perfumes (the kind where a 50 ml bottle lasts four years). I think I will find a decant of it.

    I really enjoy that Amour, though. I was so unimpressed initially when the SA sprayed my hand. I thought it had no presence and very little personality, until later. Some of it remained on a sweater and I purchased a small bottle subsequently and have almost finished it. It reminds me of a very diminished Flower red-bottle parfum with milky and woody notes. It is the wood that makes this scent so quietly inviting. I find I select it on those days when I can't make my mind up about anything else.

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