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    Talking Interested in Black Orchid

    Thinking of ordering Tom Fords Black Orchid from Neimans??THoughts, the notes sound wonderful, thanks

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    Default Re: Interested in Black Orchid

    might be wise to talk to supermarky about a decant before buying a full-bottle blind...

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    Default Re: Interested in Black Orchid

    I bought a full size bottle of this the first week it came out. One of the best new releases in a long time. I would say its a dark floral....nothing bright and cheery about it. Also, maybe a little similiar to Youth Dew.

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    Default Re: Interested in Black Orchid

    I too would advise a decant. It is powerful stuff and would please you if you like Angel or Youth Dew Amber Nude. Check out the reviews at Now Smell This ( or the Bois de Jasmin blog. It's not a middle of the road fragrance - Tom Ford designed it with retro glamour in mind.

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    You might want to take a look at my review of it, here (on my blog):

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    You better try it first. I was disappointed. It starts dark and peculiar, and than a watery note creeps in and make it smell like a (better, but still not my cuppa) Allure Sensuelle with that watery patchouli note. It's a perfume that develops backwards from fabulous to mediocre.
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