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Thread: Ones i like...

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    Default Ones i like...

    Lately i have been rather warmed to the following fragrances.

    Vetiver Oriental
    Iris silver Mist
    Encens et Lavande
    Gris Clair

    Does anyone have any they would recommend?

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    Default Re: Ones i like...

    Welcome to the forum Mr. ... ah ...Paul!

    That is a quite distinguished list of scents you already have! Did you come by them through lots of trial and error? Recommendations?! Wow, certainly you know there are thousands that could be made. Nonetheless, you already like two Serge Lutens scents, and I wonder if you've tried that House's Chene? This is a very interesting scent that is quite different from anything you have, and is one of the more un-Lutens-like scents from the House. How about a nice Eau de Cologne-type scent? Something light to wear on warm/hot days. There are several excellent recent threads about just this sort of thing. Finally, I don't particularly recognize much patchouli in your current collection. There has also been an excellent thread entitled "Modern Patchouli" that may be worth reading. That is, is you like patchouli.

    Once again, welcome, and please share with us your impressions as you try different things. I'm even interested in hearing some specifics about your impressions of your current wardrobe.


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    Default Re: Ones i like...

    Wow that is quite a list, i will definatly look into them! Thank you very much. I haven't really looked at much of the forum yet, but i will also look at that one, sounds interesting!
    Yes, those were found by either family or friends, old xmas pressies ect! Very nice though! Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Ones i like...


    seems your taste is simple in the way of Oscar Wilde: only the best...

    since you seem to like sophisticated high-end stuff I would just name:

    Patricia de Nicolai, New York
    Divine, L'Homme Sage
    Knize, Knize Ten
    Lubin, Idole de Lubin
    Andy Tauer, L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Richard James Eau de Toilette
    Malle, Musc Ravageur
    Creed, Bois du Portugal
    Crown Perfumery, Sandringham

    as scents which have greatly impressed me recently as brilliant compositions, so classic or classy they are must tries.

    I've been interested in Sandalwood recently and would suggest you try something in this direction:
    Lorenzo Villoresi Sandalo is my personal favorite, and while you're at it try his Vetiver, Spezie and by all means the controversial Piper Nigrum (5 stars in my book). You'll find very good descriptions of all of these in the directory.

    also worth trying:
    Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Sandalo Inspiritu (impressively translucent & clear)
    L'Artisan Parfumeur, Tam Dao (heavy incense)
    MPG, Santal Noble (I do not like it, but it's a great Sandalwood-Gourmand)
    Creed, Santal Imperial (very pure, cool Sandalwood)
    Floris Sandalwood (very pure, warmer, sweeter Sandalwood)

    And while I'm at it, three rose scents have captivated me recently:
    Czech&Speake No. 88
    Etro via Verri
    L'Artisan, Voleur de Roses
    as well as above-mentioned Tauer scent

    And how about leather? Knize 10 is leathery, but don't miss Creed's Royal English Leather, please.

    planning ahead for summer:
    a classic English lime scent (Crown/Anglia, Penhaligon's, Trumper's...)
    Asprey, Purple Water
    Guerlain, EdC Imperiale
    Roger & Gallet Extra Vieille Jean Marie Farina
    or the inimitable D'Orsay, Etiquette Bleue EdT

    ...provided you like this style of classic light fragrances

    Finally, you're into Lutens already so don't miss out on the ingenious Ambre Sultan, Arabie, Daim Blond (fruit & suede), Douce Amere and of course everybody's darling except mine, Fumérie Turque.

    Currently wearing: Mellis by Annette Neuffer

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    Default Re: Ones i like...

    If you like rose scents, give Montale's Black Aoud a try.

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