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    Default Tempur pedic pillows

    Well, I am a tummy sleeper. Bought a cheap brand of a memory foam pillow and it had the neck roll and it kept my head up all night. Not good for a tummy sleeper anyway. I use a down pillow but lately during the night, this 45 year old man's back is hurting around 3:00 a.m. and I turn over onto my back. I never can get a deep sleep this way. I was wondering if the Tempur pedic Comfort pillow (the one that looks like a regular pillow) would work, or if their new Symphony pillow is even better. They are sold at Brookstone. I ask because I use a down pillow and it is great for a tummy sleeper but for some reason, I guess gaining a few pounds has caused my back to hurt near the waist and on eitehr side of the spin. IT goes away when I get out of the bed for a few minutes. Comments?

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    I sleep on my back and use a Nasa foam pillow. The same with the mattress. A good pillow mattress and Nasa foam over the whole thing. I sleep alone, my husband snores and I use meditation tapes in my Ipod. Works wonders and about a fifth of, (just kidding). Of course, I certainly spruce up for the occasion with my favorite perfume.

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