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    Default CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    I'm really interested in this line and want to purchase a few fragrances (In The Library, At The Beach 1966, and In The Summer Kitchen), but I'm not sure whether to buy the Perfume Absolute or the Water-Based Perfume.

    To begin with, I'm a natural sprayer so the thought of purchasing the Perfume Absolute really doesn't gel with my habits. I'm certainly more attracted to the Water-Based line which are all sprays, but I've never had a Water-Based fragrance before. Most fragrances are all alcohol-based. Can anyone comment on Water-Based fragrances, specifically to this house in general.....or on any of these three fragrances?

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    I bought the CB Musk and Burning Leaves in oil form. The musk is a bit nasty, but Burning Leaves is actually very nice and extremely long lasting. The oils are, I suppose, meant for layering. I layer Burn. Leaves with the ever-so-light Cabot's musk oil to give it a smokey edge. It works very well!

    If the oils were'nt so pricey, I'd buy more. I would like to get Winter: 1972.
    The bottles are so small, but a few drops of the scent lasts for a very long time.


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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    I'm pissed off that I didn't order samples when he still HAD samples. There were quite a few I was curious about, among them Patchouli and Violet Empires, At the Beach, Black March, Winter, etc.

    But not the musk

    I think the water-based scents may be on the fleeting side, but I could be wrong. I have tried some elsewhere and they were weaker than cologne strength.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    I think the waters have better sillage, and are great for room freshner, and linens..... I own both, and prefer the waters by far.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    There is only one word to describe these "fragrances"------->OVERRATED!

    Don't waste your money.
    Last edited by ajmc; 22nd November 2006 at 03:31 AM.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    Quote Originally Posted by ajmc
    There is only one word to describe these "fragrances"------->OVERRATED!

    Don't waste your money.
    I agree and don't agree.

    Are they overrated? Maybe a tad, but which fragrance isn't when others like it and you don't?

    Is it a waste of money? For me, yes. I spent a load on 4 samples + shipping + customs frees/taxes (total of around 115$CAN for 4 SAMPLES) and I hardly wear them.

    They are nice but I don't find that they are very suitable for wearing. The only thing I might put on is a bit of CBMusk to layer something else but otherwise, I don't find many occasions to wear Gathering Apples, Burning Leaves, or Black March.

    Gathering Apples and Burning Leaves are a great match when layered though.

    I was in love with them when I first got them but as time went by, I realized that I didn't even wear them out and over time, I stopped going to the little bottles for sniffing too. I think they're great for what they are: emulations of life. But as a fragrance for personal use, perhaps they are a little overrated.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    I have sample bottles of Musk, Black March, and Patchouli Empire.

    Musk ~ Starts out nice and than dries down to a subtle, synthetic, nasty smelling mess. Very disappointing! Its not very long lasting as well. But i guess thats a good thing.

    Black March ~ Once again starts out nice. But it dries down to a generic smelling ho hum scent thats way too subtle. Another short lasting one.

    Patchouli Empire ~ The best of the bunch. Starts out nice and dries down nice. It seems to last pretty well. I just wish it had more sillage. Its too subtle for me. OK... this one is probably worth sampling.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: perfume absolute vs. water perfume

    Musk is a little nasty but I think it's great. I think its significance is its departure from many other musk scents. Many people say MKK is raunchy but that doesn't even compare to CBMusk. To me, it's like a horses leg. Let me explain by reposting my thoughts on this musk.

    To reiterate:

    Quote Originally Posted by myaccolades
    Is this scent musky? Hell yeah. Is it skanky? To a certain degree. Is it dirty? Kind of. Sexual? In a way, I suppose. The best word to describe this fragrane is... primal. Or maybe animalic. For some reason, whenever I'm wearing this (either alone or layered with something else), the image of a horse's hind leg pops into my mind. I don't know why but that's what I get - not that it smells like a horse. It's a powerful scent. It's engaging. It's ... so... I don't even know.. PRIMAL! Musk, musk, musk, musk. It's full of it. Okay, the best way to describe it is if you take a horse, clean it up, completely, clean it so it doesn't smell like a horse, and then make it go into heat (is there a way to do that? probably not but this is all hypothetical anyways), make it go so deeply into heat that it oozes pheremones and musk, collect that smell and bottle it. There you go. CB Musk.

    I love the stuff. It's so primal. Makes me feel like a... gorilla or something - perhaps a really horny gorilla. That or the horse from above. The only gripe I have about this musk is that there's this strange menthol/camphorous note in it. It doesn't SMELL like menthol. You don't smell mint or anything but do you know that cool feeling that menthol gives your nose? CB Musk has that same quality. O don't know why it's there but if it was cut out, this would be THE ultimate musk scent ever! In fact, even with that mentholic quality, it still is THE musk of musks.
    As per Black March, I cannot see myself wearing this one at all! Take a bunch of leaves and green stems and break them. Mash them up. Add some rich loam soil. And... that's about it. It does smell like spring though: fresh greens and exposed soil. I'd only take this scent out to remind me what plantlife smells like during a late, dark winter night.

    AJMC, can you go a little deeper into the description of Patchouli Empire? I still have a small interest in Brosius' creations

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