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    Default Wha'ts the difference between Odeur 53 and Odeur 71

    (and please, nobody tell shout out: 18!)

    I read some review mentioning opoponax in connection with one of these, but now I can't even remember which. In fact I think it was 53 but that seems completely impossible. I do think 53 could pass for a dry clean smell and maybe they just rebottle it for the synthetic line with a teeny variation.

    53 costs 8 bucks more than 71... all of this is cagey rei kawakubo expressing something. . .

    Who has tried both side by side and can offer some insights into the difference between 'dust on a hot lightbulb' and 'liquid rock'?

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    Default Re: Wha'ts the difference between Odeur 53 and Odeur 71

    I've tested them side by side many times and love both, I do however only own Odeur 53. I'm planning on getting a bottle of 71 as well, but for some reason other fragrances has come before that one. It has been about a year since I last smelled 71 though so this won't be a much detailed impression. Hopefully I'll be able to argue a bit about my view further down the line

    Odeur 53 is clearly the most versatile of the two, being almost obnoxiously clean. Well not really, but it is a very clean scent, still with a few interesting twists.

    What Odeur 71 shares with 53 is the ozonic metallic ringing mostly, and well, it also feels quite clean (like a fabric softener). It is however deeply floral instead of only being clean. I have no idea if 71 has hedione in abundance ( as 53, the jasmin like chemical also used extensively in Eau Sauvage.

    I really NEED a bottle of Odeur 71 to freshen up my impressions, but it really is a lovely fragrance.

    Edit: Oh and I don't put much into those words CdG has used to describe the fragrances... They put them forward as notes, but I see them more as guidelines for the us to use when associating around what the fragrance could be. Odeur 53 sounds so WACKY when reading the notes and I remember Chandler Burr name it has completely unwearable, but to me it is one of my most used fragrances and also the one I consider most appropriate for most occasions.
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    Default Re: What's the difference between Odeur 53 and Odeur 71

    the 'notes' are definitely a wonderful extra. . . Now I'm not sure whether I've ever tried 53 or not.

    I was at a party the other day and some of it was in the host's bathroom but he had so little left I didn't feel it would be right to try even a spritz.

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    Default Re: Wha'ts the difference between Odeur 53 and Odeur 71

    Fascinating examples of perfumery but completely unwearable for me. They smell so ... synthetic

    But I do find 53 just a bit more gentle to my nose.

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    Default Re: Wha'ts the difference between Odeur 53 and Odeur 71

    Odeur 53 is a bit odd. It smells clean and ozonic, but there is something in it that's different. It's a simple fragrance that should be boring, but it's not. I happen to like it a lot.

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