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    Default Chocolate gourmand scent?

    I've been wanting to try something chocolatey since I've been hearing fantastic things about cocoa gourmand scents. I managed to get hold of a sample of Serendipitous which I really like, it's not too sweet nor overpowering, it lingers nicely, the staying power is great and it satifies my cravings. The problem is that I can only get it from Luckyscents, and with the delivery charge, the final price is ridiculous. I'd like to find something similar but from a website based here in Europe, which leads me to Comptoir Sud Pacifiques Amour de Cacao. This I haven't tried.

    Any other tips? How does the two compare, if anyone's tried them both?

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Oh my, you just crossed over into the world of Thrax. These are the ones that I reccomend.

    Hanae Mori Pour Homme EDP (wearable for a woman)

    Angel EDP by Thierry Mugler

    Serendipitious (as you already stated)
    Chopard Wish (I believe this is what its called)
    There are many more. I havent tried any of the CSP Chocolate scents, but if they are as good as thier vanilla scents then you wont be dissapointed.

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    I suppose I would not be of much help in comparing the two as I've not tried the first one. But I have tried and do love the 2nd, Comptoir Sud Pacifiques Amour de Cacao. It's chocolaty in a milk chocolate kind of way - silky and smooth like it would melt on your skin the way truffles melt in you mouth - only imagine the truffles to be light and milky.

    There is also TBS Amorito; that one is also milky sort of chocolate, very smooths with some jasmine to balance it nicely. I love Amorito .

    Prada and Casmir also have a slight chocolaty feel on my skin. Give them all a try is you can.
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Quick replies - I like!!!
    I've tried Prada but didn't get the chocolate at all, will have to revisit it. It's on my wishlist, I really like it. It might have to be the CsP in the end, but keep your suggestions coming!

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    I suggest Tomorrow for men by Avon. It's a great gourmand w/ notes of cocoa & patchouli. Quite yummy, and can easily be worn by a woman.
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Chocolat by Il Profumo.

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Angel EDP

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    It is now discontinued I think, but if you can get your hands on some Fleurs de Chocolat by Fresh it is amazing. Chocolate, with a slight madarin undertone - I sometimes just feel the need to spray it on my arm whilst I am watching t.v or working on my laptop, I love it so much. Extraordinary by Avon is also beautiful and is actually quite similar if you can't get Fleurs de Chocolat. Good luck with your search - there are sooooooooooooooooo many wonderful chocolate based scents to discover and I have yet to find one that I don't love!

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    Post Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Three chocolate scents from Il Profumo: Chocolat, Chocolat Frais, and Chocolat Amere. The Amere is my favourite ,and the one I would choose to wear of these, although I have since seen it described as a 'masculine' frag. Funnily enough I was just thinking that I would like to test it against CSP Amour De Cacao when I saw your post! Amour De Cacao immediately made me think of Coco Pops breakfast cereal on first spray: very strong milky chocolate at first but it dries down beautifully - and not too sweet for a chocolate scent I think. Amour De Cacao is more of a gourmand scent than the others perhaps.

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    there are also some orange-y chocolates that you should try:

    Elixir de Merveilles by Hermès
    Theorema (the extrait please) by Fendi
    Dolce Vita by Dior (but this varies from skin to skin: on me,i don't get much chocolate,but more woods and amber, on my sister, more chocolate and light sweets)

    and for white chocolate with berries:
    Tomorrow by Avon
    Deci Delà by Nina Ricci (wich is more of a white chocolate cream with raspberries)
    White Chocolate by Ava Luxe (white choco and creamy white musk)

    some other chocolates:
    Avon's Extraordinary
    Angel by T.Mugler

    oh and i almost forgot:a darker chocolate!
    Luxe Chocolate by Ava Luxe! crem and dark chocolate!
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    I love the original Amour de Cacao better than the new one from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, but the new one is nice too. You can read my review of the old one on my blog:

    I would also like to recommend two scents from my own line, Ayala Moriel Parfums:

    Chocolate, orange blossom, blood orange, amber, vanilla.

    Film Noir
    Dark chocolate, patchouli and myrrh.
    This is a new scent that is not officially released yet, but samples are available and the parfum is available for pre-ordering and can shipped to arrive before Christmas.

    As for shipping - I ship to Euorpe quite often and I try to keep the shipping cost to the minimum. Shipping to Europe (and anywhere else in the world, actually) is about $8.99-16.99, depending on how heavy the package is. For really heavy packages (above 1kg) the price would be higher but I rarely send packages that heavy... Shipping samples costs even less - about $7.99 or so.
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Coze 02 by Parfumerie Generale is really a really delicious scent with dark chocolate and woods.

    50 ml for 75.00 €:

    You can also get Coze 02 in a 7 ml mini bottle for 8.00 € if you just want to try it out:
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Thanks to all of you who took the time and effort to answer me!

    There seem to be quite a few chocolate based scents out there. I suppose I'll have to be thankful that Christmas is coming up, or I'll have to start saving now...Some of the suggested juices are probably hard to find for me without spending a fortune on post and package. I have a fun time ahead of me testing and sniffing away.

    Thanx again!

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    If you're into chocolate/cacao gourmand I would highly recommend BORNEO 1834 by Serge Lutens. It's one of the best gourmand in the market. I'd also recommend Bond No. 9 's New Harleem, also very good. Check them out!
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    I am dying to try Borneo by Serge Lutens.

    Anyway, my favorite scent with chocolate notes is Thierry Mugler's Angel. I highly recommend it.

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Givenchy Very Irresistable

    not EXACTLY chocolate...but among the ones i own that one instantly came to mind... the girlies have complimented me on that one too so can't be a bad recommendation
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Spicy Cocoa by Comme des Garcons
    Musc Maori by Parfumerie Generale

    Both of these smell chocolately orange to me and surely are available in Europe.

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    oh just reading this thread makes my mouth watery

    in my gourmand collection i have
    Thierry Mugler's Angel Innocent ( i love honey )
    Chopard's Wish (they say smells like Angel) Sweet Patchoulli
    Omnia has white chocolate but i cant smell it very much.

    I have Marks and Spencer's hand lotion Chocolate Bain - dark chocolate smells so delicious.

    And Lush has edible Massage Bars also in Chocolate yummmy!!!!
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Here's how I would compare Serendipitous and Amour de Cacao...

    Serendipitous is like hot cocoa with marshmallows, and Amour de Cacao is a bit deeper/richer. For lack of a better comparison, AdC smells like Cocoa Puffs. You can smell a tinge of orange in the Serendipitous. Something similar in this vein is Aquolina's Chocolovers. The orange is a bit more prominent in Chocolovers. One of my favorite chocolate scents is the ORIGINAL Fresh Fleurs de Chocolat, called Lucia. Another chocolate/orange blend, but so well done.

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    Fresh Cannabis Santal has a twinge of chocolate to my nose.
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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    If you can get to a Hotel de Chocolat shop (they're in the UK - there's one in Knightsbridge and High Street Ken and Watford, and they are primarily a mail order site) there might be some Eau de Chocolat left. They are primarily a chocolatiers, but brought out a limited edition fragrance for Christmas. I bought some. It evokes chocolate but is a vanilla-based scent with a sandalwood heart and lots of spice. It's highly delicious!

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    Default Re: Chocolate gourmand scent?

    I highly recommend Bulgari Blv Notte for chocolate-gourmand. It has notes of dark chocolate, ginger, and vodka. It's a rich chocolate, but it's still a Perfume. It doesn't smell like you spilled Hershey's syrup all over yourself. It's sexy and gorgeous.

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