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    Default Blind Cuir Ottoman?

    A friend of mine is going to Paris and I am contemplating to buy this Parfums d'Empire perfume blind in my quest for the ultimate leather fragrance. For the record, I like: Dzing! (especially the topnote), SMN Nostalgia, Bulgari Black, Cuir d'Arabie, and Lonestar Memories . I don't mind Creed Cuir de Russie, Daim Blond or Cuiron (this smells a bit too yuppy for me). I don't like: SL Cuir Mauresque - too floral, didn't get much leather here.
    So based on my preferences, do you think it's a safe blind buy?

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    Default Re: Blind Cuir Ottoman?

    Well there's no such thing as a safe blind buy, but I'd say CO fits best with your likes rather than 'don't minds'. It's difficult not to like actually, if you appreciate a highly crafted leather scent. It's an amped up Dzing! to me at least, with less of a sweet side and without that musky animalesque drydown.

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