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    Default In praise of Prada Amber

    I really just wanted to say that this fragrance has really grown on me, after initially finding it underwhelming.

    I tried it a couple of times in airports, and it seemed really faint and weak. Yet something kept drawing me back to it. I knew there had to be more to it!

    So I bought a tester cheap on eBay and have worn it 3 or 4 times. I wouldn't say it is misunderstood, but I've been able to detect more of the notes and the fragrance overall.

    It is very formal and almost intimidating and confrontational. This seems mainly to the labdanum which I pick up right away. Almost like engine oil. I think this is deliberate - ie in keeping with the profile of the Prada brand. In a business context it works so well.

    Anyone else come to like it after the initial wave of disappointment upon its release?

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I loved it at first sniff to be honest. I found it very potent from the beginning! Wonderful scent.
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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I did not find it weak. It just reminded me an awful lot of elderly women's hand cream. And Ambre Sultan does so much more with amber...
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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    mediocre at its best, the fragrance is nothing to write home about.

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I found it to be anything but mediocre, true, but I also discovered Gaultier2 on the same day. Between the two, I went for the Gaultier.

    Both are glorious fragrances, but neither is for any man who eschews sweeter scents. That said, either could be easily unisex, with the Gaultier actually marketed as such.

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I do find it quite gentlemanly and refined, but simple and somewhat common at the same time. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it too.
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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    Quote Originally Posted by CoL
    I loved it at first sniff to be honest. I found it very potent from the beginning! Wonderful scent.
    Me too! liked it from the start.

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    It's not extraordinary, but prefectly fine. I bought some after a couple of skin tests. I think it would be nice for day or evening wear.
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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I had the same initial impression...I think I was expecting something else. 5 testings later, I was hooked with a crazed obsession.

    I love it's soapy aspect with that warm, but not overdone, undercurrent of skinscent. It smells like classy hotel soaps to me. Does wonders at the end of the day to calm the spirit. Must be the lavender and vetiver.

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    F L A T.

    Because I loved last year's women's Prada, I tried to love this one. I tried and I tried. Alas, it has no character and does not appeal to me. So Flat.

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I have tried it twice - both times I didn't like it.

    However, I just read a very interesting article on the scent. Nnot necessarily a review of it, but a back story on how the perfumer, Mucia Prada (the woman behind the label) and the company created it, by Chandler Burr that originally appeared in V Magazine. Link here:

    Next time I see a tester for this, I'm going to resniff it.
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    Thumbs up Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    Prada Amber is,like some of us already mentioned,a scent that gives a kind of barbershop feeling;its clean and clear;i don't own the EDT,but bought the aftershave,I recommend this one because its really good to start the day with this one.I didn't understood the bad reactions just after the release;there is nothing wrong with this one.I highly adore it and i am definitely gonna buy the EDT;

    Good day

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I adore it.
    Its obviously a commercial scent, but that doesn't render it any less valuable in terms of materials and quality.
    It has a nostalgia for me, and I love to wear it with crisp open white shirts...

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    Default Re: In praise of Prada Amber

    I received my sample about a month ago and since then I could not come to a conclusion. The opening is rather good, the barbershop feeling is inevitable. But then it turns to something faint sweetness, perhaps closest to that of Dzing!. Still I don't think it is something for me, but will give it some more shots.

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