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    I picked up a dozen vials of Floris scents off e-bay recently. They were dirt cheap but I'm sure they are genuine as they are long-lasting and smell very "well-crafted" .

    My problem is that the vials are marked Floris but with no indication of the particular fragrance. On the basis of the Floris website and reviews here I have made a stab at identifying them - but I would really welcome any contributions from those more familiar with the Floris line.

    'Floris 1' - colourless; very fleeting citrus top, cool, floral, a little powder, no wood. I'm guessing J.F. Some reviews say it is a GIT clone. I wouldn't go anywhere near that far, but I can see a passing resemblance.

    'Floris 2' - darker colour (something like Chardonnay); I'm pretty confident this is Santal - I think I can pick out the lavender, bergamot, pepper, patchouli. I can't make any connection with Gucci Envy though (which seems to be the most-used touchstone).

    Both are very enjoyable and quite complex. I much prefer No.2 (Santal?), but No.1 (J.F.?) would be great for work in summer.

    BTW - 'semi-blind' testing is a helluva lot harder than comparing what you know you have on your arm with other reviews!
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    How rotten that Floris didn't bother to label the samples! Or maybe some accident happened. How's a willing customer to know what to buy when he/she is sold on a great sample?

    It sounds to me like you have JF right, but I'm not sure about No.2. It is a smooth, creamy sandalwood that doesn't call bergamot, pepper, or patchouli to my mind when I smell it. I regret I don't know the Floris line better to help more. Santal is a pale-chardonnay color though, you've got that right.

    Good luck, Michael. Sorry I can't help further.
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    I am sorry to say - you have made a little mistake

    Floris samples are free of charge if you call their sales department -

    Floris are known to be very generous with there sample - they come in a pack with all available samples (nearly the whole collection)

    They all are attached to the label - with the name of the fragrance of course.

    I just could not see Floris been trached like that - dont tell me somebody is making money out of a "normaly" free item HOW VERY DARE YOU !!!

    Give them a call

    Invisible Power

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurent

    I am sorry to say - you have made a little mistake

    The vials are a decent size - I'd estimate 3-4ml each. They have the words 'FLORIS' and 'Est 1730 London' printed on them. I presumed that the fragrance information was printed on accompanying cards, which somehow got 'lost in transit' before they somehow reached the seller. I've tried a number of vials and they are definitely only of the two types outlined above.

    I paid 1.99 sterling for them so I'm not going to get too upset if they are not authentic (and if someone is making this in their bathtub - wow ).
    "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for", Allan Chalmers.

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