I haven't seen much discussion about this scent so thought I could start one having had the chance to sample it at the local Hermes boutique yesterday. While I found the top notes quite overpowering, I was absolutely besotted with the mid and basenotes, the iris does certainly temper things down and the woody/spicy base had me sniffing my arm constantly. For me, this is a close second to my favourite of the Hermessence bunch, Poivre Samarcande. Now if only Hermes would make the price points more accessible! Anyone else had experience with this one?

Here is what osMoz has to say about it:-

Paprika Brasil is the sixth olfactory poem in the Hermessence collection. Dreamt up by Jean Claude Ellena, in-house designer for Hermès, the fragrance is an olfactory voyage to the tune of pimento and ‘ember wood’, the ‘Brazil wood’ once commonly found in the country that gave it its name, which was ‘the spark of inspiration, the first flame in the fire of creation.’ A fragrance for men and women to share, to be found only in Hermès boutiques.

Waves of spices, cloves and pimento ‘set fire to the wood’. A powdery note of iris, mixed with ‘the raw greenness of leaves,’ comes to cool the blaze. The imposing woods are allied with ‘aqueous notes of reseda, which establish a strange, dark coolness’.

Top note : Pimento, Clove, Paprika

Middle note : Iris, Green Leaves

Base note : Reseda, Ember Wood, Woody Notes