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    Default Clothes and Fragrances?

    I was wondering, considering it is winter time, wearing shirts/sweaters just once and washing them is often impractical and unncessary. But with the ever changing SOTD, how do you remove the scent off a piece of clothing so you can wear it again with a new SOTD? Anyone have any tips or tricks so I don't have to wash my shirt every time, but wear different fragrances with them?

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    Default Re: Clothes and Fragrances?

    I layer. When I wear sweaters & sweatshirts I always wear a t-shirt underneath and spray where it won't get on the sweater. That way I wash the t-shirt & can still wear the sweater a couple more times. The only way I wash clothes right away is when I've been out to the bars & my clothes are all smokey.
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    Default Re: Clothes and Fragrances?

    smoke from bars will disappear from clothes if you hang them out awhile

    this is such a good question... hope someone has solutions not involving changing what you wear. . . it's the one pain about not wearing only one scent. I used to love my clothes to get impregnated with my one cologne when I only wore one. now it's a real pain!

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