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    I have become very interested in this one as of late. I hear that it is extremely nice, and even though it is discontinued it can be found fairly cheap on ebay! So I figured that it wouldnt be to bad to go ahead and take a chance with this one. Then...just as I was about to click "buy it now" I decided I should ask about it. So, what do you fellers think about this one. I hear it has some extreme longevity. Lemony-piney-sweet smell. I also see two bottles on ebay. One is a taller dark blue and the other is a smaller, clear, square bottle. Any advice from my basenote's punk ass bothers?

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    If you're talking about THIS one, get it, you won't be disappointed, it's pure perfumery perfectness!

    However, if you're talking about THIS, leave it, it's not worthy of sharing the name Versace Versus

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    Agree with apekrul. The one with the Brando packaging is interesting. I got rid of my bottle because I found the piney-ness and sweetness a little cloying, but it still is worth a try (and I think I got my bottle on ebay for ~$20, so no worries there).

    As Apekrul also said, the V/s is boring, cheaply packaged, and a bit bewildering as to why Versace would have bothered. If you want something in the same vein as the 1000 other watery, sporty, "fresh" scents but want it to have a big "V" on the front, buy this one. Also, the way they've put on the sprayer makes it really hard to spray correctly (I always end up having to twist my fingers around to get the damn thing to spray onto my skin).

    In fact, I have a bottle of this one lying around that's about 90% full and if you really want to try it, send me a PM and I'll give it to you cheaply (I'm in KY as well, so shipping shouldn't even be much).
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    Default Re: Versace Versus

    Nicely elaborated, I couldn't have put it better!

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    Get it Thrax! You won't be disappointed! I instantly felt in love with it back in my teenage, and it became my signature scent for almost a couple of years. Unfortunately here it seems not to be anymore findable: I would like so much to smell it again nowadays...

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