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Thread: Mary Chess

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    Question Mary Chess

    Does any of you fine smelling ladies know anything abot Mary Chess? The database dates all the perfumes 1930, no reviews either. I'm wondering about Heliotrope in particular...


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    Quote Originally Posted by the_good_life
    Does any of you fine smelling ladies know anything abot Mary Chess? The database dates all the perfumes 1930, no reviews either. I'm wondering about Heliotrope in particular...

    The most famous perfume of Mary Chess is Tuberouse, but I presume it's discontinued

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    Default Re: Mary Chess

    There were a couple more and they are not on the directory either: Gardenia and Carnation, both from 1935 and some others i can't remember.

    The brand was a supplier for the Queen Mother. -according to them-


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    Quote Originally Posted by castorpollux

    The brand was a supplier for the Queen Mother. -according to them-

    Hm, is that a good omen ?

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    Oh Wow! Haven't thought about Mary Chess for eons!! Was with the ad agency that handled the account in the (gasp!) fifties and sixties.

    The house had indeed been appointed by the crown (I think Queen Mum) but by then had become more "common".

    Tried their scents (can't remember the names of any of them) which at the time I considered too ordinary (whatever that meant).

    So I haven't been much help!

    Have you tried eBay??
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    Actually, I got a bottle of Heliotrope on ebay, NIB and all, but before I give it as a gift, I thought it would be nice to know some more about the background. If it does turn out to be too ordinary for a present, I shall offer it to the BN community, who may have a historical interest in it

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    Checking in after a long while. if you're still thinking of Mary Chess Heliotrope, it's very sweet, & syrupy. Pretty true to the flower I believe. I had all of their scents in the '80's. My fave was Tapestry which was a very aldehydic blend. If you like heavy orientals their Yram falls into that category-think Youth Dew.

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    I have a sampler of Mary Chess Fragrances and all are nice I am particularly fond of White Lilac...don't have heliotrope.

    By today's standards I'd say they are old fashioned blends, but the soliflores are accurate and lovely. I have Gardenia, White Lilac, Strategy, Yram, Carnation and Tapestry.

    I can definitely imagine the Queen Mother in these scents.
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    Thumbs up Re: Mary Chess, Vintage Yram

    I have received my lovely bottle of vintage Yram by Mary Chess today. It is a delicate oriental scent not too over powering. It initially opened as a strong hard to describe scent and then mellowed during dry down to a warm ginger note so delectable my grandchildren even complimented on it and said it reminded them of fresh baked ginger bread. It woke every-one's olfactory senses to the point they were begging me to make homemade gingerbread! The silage on this is just great not too over powering just warm and fragrant. If you like mellow ginger notes this may be the one for you, I know I will add it to my list as one of my favorites.

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    My Aunt Mrs Freda Eggett ( nee Prebble ) was Chief Accountant and partner to Mary Chess from about 1946-1961.

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    Hi babz, and welcome to Basenotes!

    I love my bottle of White Lilac; it reminds me of my mother, who wore this almost exclusively when I was very young. I also have a bottle of Lily of the Valley, which has gone quite powdery with age.

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    Mary Chess's Tapestry was the very first perfume I loved. I was six years old and had filched a dab from my aunt's dressing table. It was wonderful! I still remember it clearly and only wish I could locate some today!

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    The first perfume I remember sniffing was my mother's Heliotrope, by Mary Chess. Thought it was lovely, but thought it very strange she wore a perfume named after toilet water. Thus began my introduction to parfum v.s toilet water. You can still find many of the Mary Chess fragrances on ebay, and have even surprised my mother with a bottle of her favorite Heliotrope.

    My favorite smell in the whole world is sandalwood, and actually found a bottle of sandalwood by Mary Chess on ebay. I cannot find any information anywhere stating that Mary Chess even made a sandalwood toilet water. I ended up purchasing a bottle from the ebay seller who is in Italy, but will not receive it for a while. Does anyone know anything or ever sniffed a bottle of Mary Chess Sandalwood?

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    I picked up a vintage Mary Chess Violet edt at an antique store recently. Lovely scent!

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    Oh, how happy I was to find Tapestry by Mary Chess on Ebay. I can remember buying Tapestry scented bubble bath in college and feeling as if the whole room was heaven-scented. It had been years since I smelled it, and I wanted to see if I would still love the scent. I received a small bottle of perfume today. It's described as Oriental, but has floral notes of Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Musk, Orange blossom, and Rose. Sometimes a scent brings back a memory, but so far, I am not getting that effect, and am finding it rather pleasant, but soapy!

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