Les Créations Privées (a private collection os frags)

Bois de Copaïba
Notes : orange pulp, red ginger, amaretto, copahu balm, mahogany wood, myrrh and sandalwood.

Cèdre Sandaraque
Notes : vetiver, African cedar, sandarac resin, cereals and pralined amber.

Corps et Ames
Notes: Bourbon geranium, spices, everlasting flowers (immortelle), melati (jasmine) wood, leather and sandalwood.

Notes : citrus, Iranian black caraway, myrrh, cinnamon, Haitian vetiver, incense, oakmoss and ambergris.

Tubéreuse Couture
Notes : kalamanzi oil, green jasmin shoots, ylang-ylang, sugar cane, Indian tuberose, Sumatra benzoin and papyrus.

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Aomassaï (10)