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    Quote Originally Posted by GenuineImitationLife
    Must confess I found Angelique Encens (sample from Les Senteurs) to be a vanilla overdose. It made me think of vanilla ice cream flavoured incense; Church of the Vanilla Pod or something.
    I agree. And I would be tempted to join such a church.

    Quote Originally Posted by GenuineImitationLife
    I find similarities with Egoiste, another over-the-top vanilla that I have rejected.
    Égoïste apparently does contain vanilla, but the note doesn't seem conspicuous to me at any stage. I tend to like vanilla fragrances, but for me Égoïste is something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifconfig
    Have you tried Bois du Portugal? Does it have the same problems with staying power? I think a good perfume, especially one that costs as much as Creeds, should absolutely have the requisite lasting power.
    I agree a good fragrance must have good longevity, and it would be nice if we could rely on expensive fragrances to be good; but I'm afraid we can't.

    In my experience Bois du Portugal lasts much longer than other Creeds, but as I have written before, the bold dry wood and spice notes I enjoy fade in the first few hours, eventually leaving behind something else I find mildly repulsive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifconfig
    Sooner or later, bad, everyone's from Texas! Heck, you guys got enough room.

    That sounds great. I'll simply have to get a sample of MI. Do you have the aforementioned problems with longevity?
    When I had a small, sample, vial, I treasured it so much that I forced myself to only two sprays from it-otherwise, it would have been used up in two outings! Nearly couldn't smell it on myself after the first hour had passed! I then decided to take Thrax's comments in a past thread into consideration (spraying half a dozen times, I believe). So I traveled to NM. At Neiman's, I graced myself six spritz of the wonderful liquid (as the SAs gave me inquisitorial looks) and walked though the mall.

    Surprisingly, longevity was MUCH longer than I anticipated. I must have gotten four or five hours out of it before it vanished into fragrant dust.

    I'm getting a full bottle when I mow enough lawns.

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    I've ordered a sampler of Silver Mountain Water from perfumebay. I am waiting like it's Christmas already. If I like it, I will definately get a big bottle of it. Are most Creeds EdP or EdT because a different site will say different things about the same fragrance.

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    I generally detest fragrances that die off in an hour or even a few hours. I'll have to wait for a sample to try it myself--my newest resolutions are to (a) never buy blind again and; (b) test fragrances on my own skin before passing judgement.

    Luckily, I have a BN'er who has graciously offered to send me a sample of BdP so I can do just that! What a great board.
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