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    Default Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    I was thinking of getting this one on a blind purchase. Can anyone give some details about this scent? Is it for a man? Is it similar to any other Creed scents?


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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    Are you in Toronto? Might be wise to go (or call) Holt Renfrew or the lady across the street and get a sample. Unless you're getting a really good deal...that's a pretty big bottle to buy blind.

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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    Yeah - I went to Holt awhile back and they didn't have a tester for it. And the other store is closed on Sundays - I won't be able to visit them again for 2 weeks.

    So if anyone can give any details - please do.

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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    Make Up Alley has reviews of this:

    Looks like an interesting scent.

    Its too expensive for a blind buy though.

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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    Did you read the reviews in the Basenotes Directory? Mine is in there, so I won't repeat it here, but you might like to see what they say....

    I believe it's only available in the largest size, though; consider how much you might be willing to spend. I'm an admirer of this scent, but not an owner, for that very reason.
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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    I've sampled this at a fragrance counter. Going in to smell it, I thought I'd hate it--a reviewing friend of mine called it something for a woman in the Vitorian era who's a librarian. Not something to be charged about, I was guessing.

    But smelled it I did, and largely because I love that comment on it and all negative reviews--they always make me want to smell whatever it is so that I can see what the reviewer means and get to make up my own mind. So I smelled it, and it rocks. I'm sure a man can pull it off, but I visionize (allow me to make the word) it on a woman. It's a very calm and aristocratic scent, with dryness, chalkiness, a peaceful feeling, and luxurious comfort scent. It really knocked me out. I see it best on a punky hipster sassy woman because it would be a total twist--she'd be hot and brash, but Aubepine Acacia on her would be the aura of the social stratosphere, and it would powerfully make a strong and very sexy atmosphere for her, doubling her hotness. This is one for my next girlfriend, I've thought.

    I'd invite myself to wear it too, for sure, but I'd want it on her to invite some frolicking by me and the subsequent being at play in the fields of the bed.

    As to what it smells like, I'd say it has some dry pedals of white flowers, some very un-sharp woods, and the smell of something made hot in the summer sun like white paint, plastic, or metal. Maybe the smell of a very hot car hood after a long drive, maybe like the hot smelling part of Thierry Mugler's Cologne, without the old eau de cologne associations. It also seems to share some non-citrus, non-rose qualities with Acqua di Parma Colonia (NOT assoluta).

    It was a long time ago that I did this sniffing test, but I loved it on my skin, and I kept the paper sample card with it beside my desk for a long time to smell it when I needed to. To me it commanded my attention and hasn't left my brain since. A scent tour de force, but truly something I'll want on an elle-devil when I find her.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    There's not much to add to Chris' excellent description.
    I find AA very intriguing. A distinctive, sophisticated fragrance, suitable for women and men. The slightly metallic tinge and the unsweet hawthorn accord make it perfect for warmer weather. One of the better Creed fragrances IMHO.
    Sometimes you can find 2.5 oz testers on eBay; the 8.4 oz bottle indeed IS quite huge, but reasonably priced (EUR 175 for 8.4 AA / EUR 110 for 2.5 oz GIT) - maybe you can find someone to share with?

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    Default Re: Creed's Aubepine Acacia

    Are there EDT and EDP versions of Acacia?

    Theres the normal version:

    as well as the Millesime (EDP) version listed here (which is a few dollars more):


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