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    Default Avon Derrick Jeter Driven and new Burberry London

    Got my "Driven" yesterday. I'll probably wear it tomorrow. Sprayed it on my hand yesterday. I'm a Jeter fan so I had to have it. It's not bad, real reminiscent of Halston Unbound, Acqua di Gio, etc. For $16 I don't feel ripped off.

    I then went to the mall and sprayed new Burberry London on my other hand. NO, I am not saying there's a similarity. No way. London is nice and I think it's an old school fall/winter scent. Sweet and maybe a little smokey.

    I went home and had my wife pick the one she liked best, without revealing which was which. She picked London, hands down. But she liked Driven, too. I went to church and came home 3 hours later. She still picked London.

    I think I'll ask for London for Christmas.

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    Default Re: Avon Derrick Jeter Driven and new Burberry London

    Well I'm no Jeter fan, but I do adore the fireplace vibe of London. Excellent Christmas choice.

    On page 184 of the decemebr GQ, they have "woman-on-the-street" reviews of Jeter's Driven. The responses are hilarious. Only one is unambigiuosly positive about it, the others are "eh" to worse:

    "... if my guy wore this, I'd still date him" -Maggie

    "It's not for a completely metrosexual guy, but someone whose in touch with his feminine side..." - Dee

    "It's girlie. The bottle's not really manly, either. The guy who wears this is probably from Long Island." -Michaela

    and, my personal favorite:

    "I don't speak English! I'm from Brazil! I think it's very nice for woman." -Mariana

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