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    Default Need a man's opinion!

    Hey guys! Pardon the intrusion here, but I would really like some suggestions on a frag that will knock my hubby's socks off. He has a very sensitive nose and suffers from allergies, so finding one that appeals to him has been really difficult for me. He cannot even walk down the laundry detergent/air freshener isle in the grocery store because it bothers him so much! So, here's what I wear most often. The only reaction I've gotten from him with these are: "allright","fine" or "good."

    Quelques Fluers
    Light Blue

    I'm new to this, but I'm guessing it's the floral notes that's bugging his nose? Any help or suggestions would be great. I want him to smell me and be wowed!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Allergies are tough for fragrance lovers. If you feel that the florals may be the problem, you of could course try orientals or gourmands. Something creamy vanillic, or something spicy.

    But I'm afraid he may well prefer to have you wear nothing. Did you ask him? You shouldn't force him when there are medical reasons behind it. Maybe some body lotion mixed with your natural smell would be enough. I guess any man (at least me ) loves to smell that.
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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    The Laundry detergent irritation he experiences is probably less about allergies to the scent than reaction against all the harsh industrial chemicals masked by the scent, I'd suggest you try something very light to ease him into more raucus stuff (women's Chanels, for example, have an almost brash quality to me, I'd avoid them). I think D&G Light Blue should be a safe bet, but you could also try Hermes Jardin Sur Le Nil , Bulgari The Blanc or L'Artisan The pour un Ete.

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Thanks for the input, guys! You know, I have never asked him if he prefers me to not wear scent at all...I guess because I love it so much. But I will ask him!

    Joel - Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah, I just mentioned the laundry detergent isle thing to illustrate how sensitive his nose is. I know that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with allergies. He's just ultra sensitive to smells in general.

    Thanks again for the input!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    You may want to take him on a fragrance hunt? Have him see which of them is inoffensive to him and use that as a guide.

    Bvlgari's Aqva is nice and easy on the nose.
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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Without knowing his allergies, I couldn't say. There ARE certain allergans that are more commonplace problems than others, of course -- these include (but are by no means limited to) cedar, pine, juniper, ambergris, cinnamon, almond etc. Can you be more specific about what sorts of notes usually set your husband's allergies off?

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    Unhappy Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Well, being new to the whole idea of discerning different notes within any given frag, I can't really give you specifics that irritate him other than to say anything really floral smelling, and smells like cedar and eucalyptus really bother him as well. Oh, and baby lotion. Yes, he thinks that Johnson's Baby Lotion is strong and gripes at me when I put it on in the car!

    Poor guy...maybe i should reserve my frag wearing for when he's at work.

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    Cool Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Quote Originally Posted by fakepurseninja
    But I'm afraid he may well prefer to have you wear nothing.
    I concur.

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!


    We sound like twins...ha!!

    I am seeking new scents for some of the same reasons.

    I've always loved perfume and it seems everytime I find one I really love, my husband doesn't care much for it.

    He also suffers from allergies, but in his case, it has diminished his sense of smell, except when the trash needs to go out! Lucky me.

    Years ago I drug him to the cosmetic counters and I got the same reaction...."fine", "okay".

    So, then I started asking him to rate perfumes. I don't dare buy the bottle again. That's why I'm sampling.

    I once bought SJP Lovely and thought I had hit the jackpot. I sprayed some and walked past him, thinking he would be enticed. Instead he said, "yes, I smell it, but it smells just like the perfume my grandmother wore." That was a romance killer. So back to the store it went.

    My new strategy....I ask him to rate the scents on a scale of 1-10 and I make sure to put it on my skin, since my chemistry is so different from others.

    I used to wear some the same fragrances you wore.

    Hopefully we can help one another on this journey. It's a lot of fun!

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    Smile Re: Need a man's opinion!

    I have Lovely as well, and my hubby said it smelled like an old lady! Sounds like our hubby's are a lot alike!

    Okay, I guess we can move our discussion to the ladies forum.

    Thanks for allowing the intrusion, guys!!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Try Elizabeth Arden Green Tea or Amazing Grace by Philosophy. They are nice light fragrances that never offend.

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    I think it's really nice btw that you care what your husbands think of what you wear. I care what my wife thinks of what I wear and like it when she finds something appealing. But I'm afraid she doesn't really give a damn about what I think of what she wears — which is nothing other than what her mother wears: Climat. Oh well!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Thanks Mason!

    Awww, (((Eluard)))!!!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Quote Originally Posted by ChristyR
    Thanks Mason!

    Awww, (((Eluard)))!!!
    Yes, *sniff, sniff*

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    MAN! There was this fragrance by Rochas(or givenchy) that I smelled at Marshalls that absolutley had me captivated just in the air walking by the was called tumeire or was light, sweet, oriental that practically had me eating the bottle!!!!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Hmmm...gonna go look that one up now!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pugsley_f5 was light, sweet, oriental that practically had me eating the bottle!!!!
    H'm. Something which creates a craving for eating glass. Alarming!
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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    I'm not sure about how strong of a fragrance he can take, but
    if he can take a strong well-made fragrance, I'd suggest YSL Opium.
    If he needs something more subtle, I'd suggest Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
    or Jean Patou Sira des Indes.

    L'Air du Temps is still a winner in my book.

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Quelques Fluers is excellent.
    Also, I think Armani Sensi is pretty good, and easy to find.

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    If something floral simply rises comments like "mmm... not bad" etc from your hubby and he bother about fabric softeners (which usually are fresh, ozonic or floral) you could maybe try to tease him with something totally different, but not heavy, so to avoid allergic reactions.
    I suggest you to try Hermès Elixir des Merveilles: it's the edp strength of Eau des Merveilles and shares with it the same character but adds a bit of depth. It has the same ambery salty breeze of warm suntanned skin but tinges it with a orange-bitter chocolate accord. It's an almost no floral yet sensual juice. I think it deserves a try Christy

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    I think you need to separate the medical issues of allergies from the taste in perfume issues. Find out what he is allergic to and avoid those (often it is birch, cedar, lavender, rose, other flowers, moss).

    Other than that, find a fragrance, or better, several fragrances which YOU like. Wear those as an expression of your character.
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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    Great suggestions, guys!! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Need a man's opinion!

    I'm very surprised that no one has mentioned it. However there is a company called Genderme (Gendarme?sp?). It produces fragrance that are specifically designed to not cause allergic reactions. While I personally don't favor the ones I have smelled, many BN'ers love them. I have seen some at Sephora and they have the website where they sell samples.

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