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    Default Reputable Online UK Creed Retailer

    As the title suggests, does anyone know any reputable online UK retailers of creed fragrances? Would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Reputable Online UK Creed Retailer

    Not cheap but full retail.

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    Default Re: Reputable Online UK Creed Retailer

    Creed is not available online in the UK. The official distributors advertise online but you have to call to order. You can also unofficially sometimes find the more popular frags on the net from certain retailer if you search. Other alternatives are EBAY (but be very careful as there are lots of counterfeits about), or ordering rom the USA or other oversees sites. This is usually ok but there is always a chance you will get hit by customs fees.

    If you are going to order from the UK I recommend

    As I said, you have to phone your order in.
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    Default Re: Reputable Online UK Creed Retailer

    Thanks for the info.

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