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    Default fred and supermarky

    It wasn't a mob scene like dear cuddly Tom's launch. Still, there were enough people there pulling him in 10 directions at once that it was necessary to wait seated at the doctor's-desk-like set up for my appt, sipping champagne and munching on dark and white chocolate covered strawberries, sampling the malles I hadn't tried yet (all of them very floral and not manly, maybe I could wear un fleur de cassie but not all that likely I would) with this woman who said she wanted to ask how to get started as a perfumer. I thought it was a terrible idea for her to ask this and really feared for her when she went on to mangle the French names of the Malle bottles. I decided to take the onus off of her by declaring when he arrived to help us "We want to become perfumers!" I wasn't far off in anticipating his response, which was, in a word: don't.

    Later I told him about my desire to create fragrances to go along with my short films and he thought the idea was "beautiful" and wrote the name of one of his perfumers and told me I should email him, which demonstrates a nice being out of touch with reality not atypical of the very privliged. Evidently this one did some scents to be pumped into the auditorium during performances of a Verdi opera. At the moment I'm shamefacedly forced to confess I can't find the name of the Malle stables stud he had in mind, somehow I have misplaced the card. Oopsie! I only had 2 flutes of champagne, so I think it'll turn up...perhaps its in my dear economy car. Otherwise the dear old internet can help me pinpoint the person. Maybe I can write to those dears at F Malle online and ask. I might as well email the chap, eh?; Fred specifically said to!

    I asked him about the "fresh water notes" in Vetiver Extraordinairre and that pleased him. He said it was a deliberate effect. (So there!)

    He was astonished when I produced a Mark Birley box for him to sign "How did you know about my involvement with it?" Well, actually it was the SA I once whined about for lying about there being no Malle samples available who told me that Malle had collaborated on it with dear Pierre Bourdon. And that SA is the one who snapped this photo, the dear! MB was FM's maiden effort.

    (By the by, to those who disparage it incorrectly as a knock off of AdGio, not only is that wrong because it is quite different, but such a put down is also way off base given the fact that MB was released a couple of years before AdG!)

    I also told him of my fantasy of creating a men's/unisex line of brashly harsh soapy fragrances inspired by SMN and he seemed to like that idea, considering Mark Birley to be an instance of something along these lines. (mmm, kinda...).

    I didn't get a personal fragrance consultation. There was no point when I know the line, really. So I wish I'd worn something special after all when I went with nothing on. I think he might have been a little more willing to sniff than Tom Ford, who had the illusions of hundreds of horny women looking on to worry about smashing (as if there could have been a single illusion among the lot of them!). Unlike with cuddly Tom, it wasn't necessary to make a purchase for this promotion.

    Alas, I wanted to dress better than this, but I have to get my stuff cleaaanned! And sorry the pictures are not better. Today I couldn't find my camera and again had to use the phone!
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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    Just so you know, I am very jealous! Very. Congratulations. :-)
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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    Wow man, its Frederic Malle himself!

    So who's next? Erwin Creed? Maurice Roucel? Thierry Mugler ?

    Great going supermarky!

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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    fun story...and pix... thanks for sharing!


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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    Was that at Barney's New York in Beverly Hills?
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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    Quote Originally Posted by supermarky
    Alas, I wanted to dress better than this, but I have to get my stuff cleaaanned!
    Don't worry. You look perfect next to Frederick! 'New America' meets 'Old Europe'! - If your short films were only half as entertaining as your stories are, I would consider myself lucky to see them (You do use a better film than photo camera when it matters, don't you?).
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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    What a great meeting! Many thanks for sharing!

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    who IS next? I was lucky to find out about both of these avenues by chance, having walked into MN the day before TF and only learned of the malle event courtesy of our own socalwoman. (and, don't forget, I've already "done" yosh han! too bad I didn't get a picture.) I should have just hung around longer today, there was no need to leave when I did but I'd been there quite awhile!

    This was in Beverly Hills, to make that clear.

    I hope I don't have to resort to distributing my new movie as an extra with your purchase of any upermarky fragrance... I found out today I got shot down at Slamdance which is pretty vexing, having gotten in before with what I regard as a far inferior movie. It would have set up this domino effect of other acceptances, for sure.

    I wish I had a working camera right now, which I don't, could be essaying a fragrance groupie journal...

    Anyway, I will really start checking out the dept 'store event' listings online on a regular basis!

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    Default Re: fred and supermarky

    Thank you for sharing supermarky!

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