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Thread: Layered Samsara

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    Question Layered Samsara

    Yesterday I approached my mini of Samsara again.I have difficulties in wearing it alone, I feel that it ends up smelling cheap and cloying on me but,I haven't given up on it yet so i decided to try layer it with some Tam Dao.The result to me smelled a bit similar to chai tea...or tea with milk...Then I started to think about Omnia...Doesn't this scent get that comparison too? does anyone know the notes it Omnia compared with Samsara+ Tam Dao?

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    No, but I have always thought Samsara (anything other than parfum version) layered well with a chocolate note, which the Omnia has.

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    The things I do for scent

    Alright; Samsara and Tam Dao on one hand, Samsara and Omnia on the other.

    Topnotes of the layering: comletely different.
    Samsara+TamDao: good / Samsara+Omnia

    Drydown: Samsara+TamDao: still going strong. Nice balance between those two, the sweetness of Samsara is still present but controlled by the dry woods.

    Samsara+Omnia: becomes a bit soapy and sharp, I don't think they see things eye to eye, at least not on me. I would almost say: now it really smells cheap

    Nice experiment, though
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    What about layer:

    Samsara with Shalimar
    Samsara with Un Jardin en Mediterranée

    of the ones you have in your wardrobe:

    Samsara with Champs Elysées
    Samsara with Attraction

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    thanks ,I'll try some more layering with some other in my wardrobe then

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    I love Samsara EDT layered with 10 Corso Como, which I've heard is similar to Tam Dao. What version of Samsara are you wearing? I just got some parfum, but have not tried layering it with anything yet.

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    Cool I actually have ordered some samples today,and among them 10 corso como.Will check out that combination when it arrives.I have the edt of Samsara...

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    I have Samsara in both edt and perfume. I got the perfume more as an item for my perfume collection. I love the edt, on me it last all day. But I agree that it can be overpowering in that typical 1980s vibe (but Guerlains are usually stronger than others anyway).

    I think that your combination of Samsara + Tam Dao must work particularly well because both contain lots of sandalwood. Samsara is basically jasmin, iris and sandalwood. Tam Dao is rosewood, cypress and ambergris with a heart sandalwood.

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    The idea of layering Samsara sounds so intriguing to me... But, at the same time I cannot imagine it somehow. Why mess with perfection?

    I like my Samsara straight up!
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    Smile Re: Layered Samsara

    I agree with Goddess. I have the EDP & the EDT. I prefer the EDP. On me, I get the creamiest Vanilla and Sandalwood with a hint of Jasmine, just enough to set it off. I adore it and so why mess with perfection? On the other hand, our skin chemistry and noses are not the same. So, by all means, do what works for you. The idea is to please yourself.

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    Well, after comparing Samsara parfum to EDT, I finally understand Luca Turin's "heaving bosom" remark about this fragrance -- it's lush and heady in a way the edt is not. The parfum is also mercifully free of that icky (and mercifully fleeting) EDT top note. I'll have to get ahold of some EDP.

    While I like the parfum better, I'd hesitate to work (heaving bosoms not really qualifying as a business look ;-) So while the parfum is a better fragrance experience, on a day to day basis, the EDT is more wearable for me. I miss being an independent contractor and working at home.
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    so how is the layerin' goin' ineespenes?

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    I have had the Ritual Body Lotion, which I really like, for a while. I just picked up a tester of the EDT and am planning to layer it on top of the lotion. I'm looking forward to the experiment.


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    I have the EDT and the parfum. I much, much prefer the parfum. And like Goddess, I love the parfum straight. The EDT, however, cannot help but be improved by layering with other scents. cedriceccentric's comment of a distinct iris note along with the jasmine and sandalwood makes me want to try Samsara with other iris dominated / featured scents. So I shall put forward these combo's for people to try:

    Samsara + (Hermes) Hiris
    Dior Homme + Samsara
    (Cartier) So Pretty + Samsara
    Samsara + Vol de Nuit
    (Cartier) Le Baiser du Dragon + Samsara
    (Hermes) Bel Ami + Samsara
    JPG Classique EDP + Samsara
    Samsara + (Lanvin) Arpege pour Homme
    (Versace) The Dreamer + Samsara
    Samsara EDT only + (SL) Daim Blond

    I also think Daim Blond + Dior homme would make a mind blowing combo, as would Dior homme + Versace the Dreamer...

    I so love experimenting with perfumes.
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    Default Re: Layered Samsara

    I'm still experimenting Tried to layer it with begin with it smelled very fruity and a bit exotic. Later on the Attraction "ate"the Samsara entirely. I know my "messing"with a Guerlain like this sounds terrible....But the scent simply doesn't work well for me alone. It's simply too sweet and cloying on me. I think it's when the vanilla kicks in with the sandalwood....Not sure...Will try layer it with Shalimar and Vol de nuit as well.

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    I layered it with the original Stella last night and it seemed to work pretty well. Stella has a dark and slightly sour quality that tempered the sweetness of Samsara's vanilla and let me smell more of the jasmine and sandalwood. I'd still classify Samsara as an acquired taste, though - I'll wear it for myself, or with my boyfriend ("you smell like cookies!") but I hesitate to expose strangers to that gargantuan waft of sillage. I tried to wear it to the airport last week and nearly smothered in my own aroma. You think you know motion sickness? Try locking yourself in a tiny airplane cabin or a hot car with Samsara. God only knows how the people sitting next to me must have felt.

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